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Demon In My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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Submitted by Morgan 
(Jul 21, 2005)

Demon in My View was an amazing piece of work. Amelia as an author is adventuress and very expressive. I have read many novels of hers and each one was simply amazing. Considering her first novel as a writer was when she was at the age of thirteen it is extraordinary. Her first published novel was In the Forests of the Night. I would have to say as a consistant reader of Amelia, that this novel and her more recent novels show a great deal of maturity. Her novels have defiantly grown. Her character, Jessica allowed you to see inside her mind and be able to feel what the character felt. This book was embedded with action, suspense, courage, and self discovery. I think this is an astonishing piece of work.

Submitted by Bryn 
(Jul 19, 2005)

"Demon in my Veiw" was for me better than "In the Forest of the Night." It explained how the characters looked and felt. Jessica was put through tough times when her mother died. It's a very action packed book, with doubts, rage, problems, love, and much much more! It was great! And if you have not read it yet, get up and go get it.

Submitted by Bleeding 
(Apr 14, 2005)

Descriptions were well written, plots seemingly solid. I enjoyed very much the descriptiveness and insightfulness of Aubrey's character, though I wish that Atwater-Rhodes had gone into more detail about their intimacies. It is, overall, an interesting book, and I would recommend it to almost anyone. Bloody well loved the portrayal of Aubrey. Two thumbs up to Amelia here.

Submitted by Jessica 
(Apr 02, 2005)

I really enjoyed reading Demon In My View. Jessica was a very interesting character because you never knew what her next action was going to be. She also never really cared for anyone so that really made her stand out among the rest of the characters. Aubrey, wow! What a character! The way he is described made him seem like hottie. Aubrey was such an interesting character that that made it harder to stop reading the book. This was a really great book I really enjoyed reading it.

Submitted by halo man is back 
(Sep 28, 2004)

I believe this is her best book yet and I wish she would write another very soon. I have read all of her books. This one blows me away because of how she descride the charecter Jessica and how she is a loner. She is the typical teen, who is always ignored by everyone and the fact of how she can make you feel like you know these people ever since you where alive is wonderful. I always when reading one of her books get lost in my own thought of what could happen next, or what will he do now. My favorite character is Aubery, he is cool and can keep his calm at any time.

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