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Demon In My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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Submitted by Jessica 
(Jul 13, 2002)

I just finished "Demon In My View" and frankly I'm ashamed I hadn't read it earlier. My expectancy of success was low for Amelia, but words cannot describe the excellence....the pure, unbridled brilliance. Every time New Mayhem was portrayed, I could see it without restraint. Every time I pictured Aubrey, my heart stopped. She's made the seductive villain without a precedent for him.
I was shocked at the description of Jessica, however, because now I know why people kept recommending me to read this book; so I could see how much I was modeled in likeness to the main character! I've found a character I can relate to, a setting I live in, and a book I can sink my teeth into.

Submitted by Cory 
(May 15, 2002)

My friend reccomended her first book to me and that book was amazing...I'm very big into the vampiric things..I enjoy reading about them..I have read In the Forrest of the night, Demon in my view, and Shattered mirror at least 20 times each..and every time I read the book I enjoy it even more. The book is like impossible to put down, its like you can't wait to read the next word..even knowing whats going to come next. Aubrey is every girls dream..and every guys Idol, I enjoy Fala because she is similar to a friend I have..but the book is amazing..Read it over and'll be addicted to it.

Submitted by Caity 
(May 06, 2002)

Okay if you read this book, you have to agree with me, when you picked it up... it never came down. Aubrey is every girls fantasy, well at least he's mine, and crave for him to come to life... although Atwater did a terrific job making him come to life in her stories. YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!! You will totally regret it if you don't... and dont forget to pick up the other 2 books in the series, they're just as good.

Submitted by Avearia Celen E. 
(Feb 26, 2002)

I LOVED this book, I've read it over and over. She is an amazing writer, and she's my age. I've tried writing books but they never end up getting finished, I keep getting stuck. I read in the Forests of the Night a year ago when I "stole" it from my friend. I love her characters and I cant wait to read Shattered Mirror.

Submitted by Jenika 
(Jan 07, 2002)

When I read this book I could not even put it down...It just draws you in...Its like you are in the book witnessing all the stuff that was going on. It catches you and pulls you in. It has definitely been the best book I have ever read.

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