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Demon In My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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Submitted by 
(Mar 08, 2004)

Even though some people say it's an over used plot line, I think that she delivered it in a way that's very unique, and entertaining. Although, to me, the heroine (Jessica) was simply a stereotype of the typical "loner". She wasn't a very dynamic character, but she was someone that most who read these books could identify with, at least a little. I think that the author has great potential as a writer, and that this book is one of her best yet. I have read all of her current books and will definitely read any future ones that she writes.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Mar 08, 2004)

I absolutley loved this book. It was a page turner. I couldn't put it down. I think that Amelia is very talented. I think she should write lots more books like a demon in my view.

I liked the characters in the book. Jessica and Aubrey were perfect for each other. I knew that Jessica had something strange about her since she was adopted.

I like Amelia's Idea to show you about Jessica's past by her story about her mother, Jazlyn.

I Strongly recommend this book. It was fabulous!

Submitted by 
(Nov 30, 2003)

I believe that Amelia has a lot of potential, and a whole lot of room for improvement. This was a fairly good book but the main character, Jessica,in my opinion was way too superficial, and the plot was too weak, it just wasn't enough to make you want to keep on reading. But I must compliment her on her use of imagination. She portrayed the vampires in a different light to the one that you usually see. They walked in the day, they weren't made out to be the wild animals most writers show them as. For all the book's fault, it shows that she in the future has a lot to offer and I look forward to seeing how her writing grows.

Submitted by Jenny 
(Nov 30, 2003)

Well apart from what many of other reviewers said in regards to this book, I think it's great. The author is fresh and has a strong voice. She may not be as complex as others seem to be, but we have to remember that this girl was merely 15 when writing Demon in my view. Which is saying a lot, due to the fact that many writers spend years in school, college, university to learn which she has easily grasped by now. I personally think that, although the plot has been seen before, Miss Atwater-Rhodes was the one to make it seem believable, well . . . as believable as it's going to get. The character, Jessica, is not the usual peppy, annoying type, that is obsessed with herself, which is portrayed too much within Teen-Adult books these days. Aubrey is an interesting character, along with many others in this book.

For all of you that do not like this book, may I add, everyone has a specific taste, just because you do not particularly like it, does not mean that it is not a good book.

I say, thanks to Amelia and her works, I am excited to read books like this, this book and the author are an inspiration for young aspiring writers like myself.

Submitted by Danielle 
(Nov 30, 2003)

This book, I feel, personally, goes against a lot of vampiric stereotypes - that all of them are these super-violent, quick-to-kill-no-matter-what-the-cost, sleep-in-a-coffin type of things. You definitely can see that in Alex (or Aubrey). The main heroine, Jessica, I find to be somewhat unreal (not all heroes have to be these drop-dead hot girls/guys), but at least she is not a super-happy kind of girl, that just stumbles across good luck.

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