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Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by James Vance 
(Jun 20, 2004)

The Wheel of Time has been my favorite series for many years. It has become very difficult over the last few years to wait so long only to read book ten which had too much garnishment to make it a truely enjoyable read. But what really killed it for me was waiting almost two years to get a prequal that didn't effect the current story line at all. If you haven't started the series, then starting with book 11 is fine. If not, don't bother getting it. I always take a couple of weeks prior to a new book being released to reread the series so it is fresh in my mind when I pick up the new book. I felt cheated after reading the last book. Especially after such a difficult and somewhat dragging read in book 10. I won't be purchasing any more prequels until after the series is completed, or not at all if released before the series is completed.

Submitted by Wotan 
(Apr 05, 2004)

The only reason I didn't rate this book with only one point is that it isn't actually THE worst book I've ever read. But it ain't far, either. I've got a lot of things to say about this book, most of them bad:

1- on the editor's and copyright stuff page I noticed that Mr. Jordan has copyrighted some WOT-related stuff; is he planning a franchise similar to SW or LOTR? For his sake, it might be unlikely, 'cause that will be the day I stop reading any of his books, but worth discussing;
2- the prologue was too long;
3- the main characters are ignored and there are too many small characters developing into main characters;
4- too many characters altogether, that leading to..
5- action divided on too many levels, which makes it too hard to follow. I have often backtracked through the books trying to shed some light on too many ambiguous elements;
6- the ending makes you beg for more, but any more of this and I'll have a breakdown;
7- enough with the descriptions already!! (Don't get me wrong, they are good but also too often and with pointless details)
8- how long will we have to wait until the long awaited ending?

Well, that's about it. If the next book is like this one, then someone should probably prevent RJ from writing for editors and highlight the importance of his readers; after all, they buy the books.

Submitted by Takwakin 
(Apr 05, 2004)

I absolutely loved the first three books of this series. I couldn't wait for each new book. But, alas, that was then and this is now.

Robert Jordan started a promising series with strong women characters, engaging monsters, and a truly unique landscape - WHAT HAPPENED??!

The women are now all simpering idiots, mostly trussed up in rope or gliding around in ridiculous gowns in the middle of nowhere. From strong intelligent heroines to love sick brainless nitwits he's destroyed half the heart of his books.

Anyone remember the Ways? That was cool writing. What do we have now (Crossroads of Twilight)? We have a bunch of people running around lost in the forest looking for people who should have been found ages ago.

I couldn't even force myself to read the entire book, I skimmed it and just barely.
Robert Jordan is beginning to leave a bad taste in my mouth. In fact at the conclusion of Crossroads of Toilet um...Twilight I seriously began to entertain notions of creating a web site called "I Hate Robert Jordan". Light man! Put the poor thing out of its misery all ready.

Submitted by sendero luminoso 
(Apr 05, 2004)

A few years ago I started reading what seemed at that moment one of the best series ever in epic fantasy. However a few things have changed since then... The first 4 books were amazing and Robert Jordan earned his place in fantasy records with them. If the series would have stopped there, I could have easily said that Robert Jordan is the best fantasy writer of all time. Books 5-9 were good or at least readable, but then "Crossroads of Twilight" emerged from the publishers. I can't say that this is the worst book in the world, but I can definitely say the book is embarrassing for the name of "Wheel of Time".

I feel disappointed by Mr. Jordan's writing in this tenth book. I like descriptions, I'm a big fan of many plots and twisting and turnings, but this book is a mess. I understand Mr. Jordan's idea of making the reader imagine the world exactly as he described it, but it seems a bit too much to portrait landscapes and clothing on 600 pages! I don't have a problem with minor new characters, but I miss the old ones... Nothing new or exciting happens to them along this book, as if Robert Jordan forgets them.

It could be that Mr. Jordan used this book as a basis for the eleventh book which will swipe us off our feet, but I've given up hope, having seen that in the last books the pace gets slower and slower. It seems that the "Wheel of Time" is in a bit of a crisis. What promised to be a fantastic epic story is turning now into a TV show that goes on, on, and on, interested only in the money involved, forgetting its beginning, forgetting the devoted readers, the years they waited for the books to appear, and the love they developed for the characters. Hmmm, I almost forgot: I don't like the way RJ started using his readers love for the books and their curiosity in extending the series. Yes, I love the characters and I'm curios, and I will buy the next books, but I have already lost some respect for Robert Jordan.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Mar 08, 2004)

I'm in awe of the things Robert Jordan imagines and writes about. It blows my mind how an author can create a story on paper that me, as a reader, can visualize, like a movie.

I really enjoyed reading the first 2-4 books and couldn't wait for the next ones. His writing is amazing.

This book does not flow well as the first two. I couldn't put the first couple books down. They were interesting. The characters, and their paths were clearly written and connected.

Crossroads was hard to follow and the images this story imparted on my mind were of flashes, blips, slow motion, confusion and I felt that it was done deliberatly to stretch it out. However, I can't imagine what's going on in this author's mind right now.

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