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Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Jackson 
(Oct 19, 2003)

I am glad that Jordans readers share the same frustrations which I do. Tolkien would turn in his grave to hear Jordan had come to dominate the world he created. Jordan only dominates due to sheer volume of words. Rand needs not worry about the last battle because at this rate it will never come. I am sick of:

Womens superiority and domination: Maidens, Queens Guardswomen, Aes Sedai, Empress, First Lady, Wise Ones, Sea Folk hierarchy etc.
Descriptions of clothing which has been well put by many other reviews.
Darkfrends infesting everywhere.
The One Power discoveries being seemingly convienient.
Braid tugging, skirt straightening, tea sipping, wine spicing, talk and drivle.
I read 3/4 of a book and feel like I'm still at the begining.
The endless prologue.
The mountains of names and plots to remember.
The introduction of plots which fail to develope.

Jordan: sort it out. You have the fish on the hook; bring it in before you lose it.

Submitted by James 
(Oct 19, 2003)

I have just read 20 other reviews of this book. All I have to do is say thank you. It's not just the excessive detail about women's clothings, or Robert Jordan's excessive need for the plot development that discourages me. I'm a reader, what does that mean, I like to read. There is absolutely no resolution with all any of the major characters. Does Elayne finally get the throne, no. Do the rebels get in to Tar Valon, no. Does Perrin save Faile, no. Does Mat hook up with Tuon, no. And now I will have to wait a year or 2 to find out if any of these get resolved in the next book and I must say my faith is waning. If he released Crossroads of Twilight at the same time as his next book I wouldn't mind reading filler because I'd get some resolution in the next book.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 19, 2003)

Let me start out by saying that I am a HUGE fan, and love the Wheel of Time series overall. I think the world that Robert Jordan has built is more complex and engrossing than any other author I have read - and yes that includes Tolkien.

But Crossroads of Twilight was absolutely horrid! It was a complete waste of paper to write and a waste of time to read.

In fact, if anybody reading this hasn't bought this book yet then DON'T - you won't miss anything because absolutely nothing happens! Just wait for his next book.

I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the rest of this series. I have enjoyed reading all of the other books and look forward to more.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Aug 01, 2003)

It's a terribly lousy book. I would have given it a zero if there's such an option.

On hindsight the whole series is poor too, but this book is particularly bad.

Jordan has a facination with women bath scenes/nakedness (littered liberally throughout the series, but especially so in this book) that is absolutely not related to the plot at all. If I'm into porn, I would buy a porn DVD. I'm surprised the fans swallow this and call this book "reasonably good". I personally feel insulted reading this kind of junk.

It reads like a personal sexual fantasy of Jordan's. an example being 3 women loving Rand for no apparent good reason, and "don't mind sharing him with each other", and upon using some magical linking, 2 women can actually "feel" Rand having sex with the third. just how sexually bizarre can this get?

There were some good plots in earlier books which is why I read on until now, but be rest assured I'll not buy the next book in the series, to spend money to read someone else's sexual fantasy.

Even if you minus off the tastless sexual contents and immature female stereotyping, it still reads like a soap opera, lots of conversation but no action. I personally regretted buying the last three books in this series.

Submitted by DH 
(Aug 01, 2003)

I have been reading the series religiously for the last 10 years. In the beginning, the books really carried me along with the ongoing plots. But it seems that while Jordan has added more plot lines without much resolution, he has gotten bogged down. The early books would start slowly, building an intricate series of plots, then Jordan would masterfully sweep the plots toward a resolution by the end of the book, and at the same time open the way for the plots in the next books.

Then at mid-series (so far), he started leaving the resolution for the beginning sections of the next book. Crossroads of Twilight, is little different, except that very little of the previous work, Winter's Heart, is resolved -- he just expands on it and generates more intricacies in the plot lines.

I have read other reviews here, and there seem to be two mind sets (or is that traps). One is similar to what I have said -- poor plot resolution. The other is that the intricacies of Jordan's plots take time. To a point, I agree, but I believe that it would be easier on readers and on Jordan himself, if he resolved some of the plots as he continues adding intricacies to the others.

I did enjoy the way he brought the apprehension and effect of the use of the Choedan Kal for each of the groups into which his characters have split. He showed each group's reaction to the impact of the tremendous channeling that was occuring far-off. Some of the groups even came very close to understanding what was going on at Shadar Logoth. Then Jordan ruined it when he brought the story line to Tar Valon, days after the fact. Oh well.

Not as good as previous books, but I am hooked, and will read on until the series resolves - if Jordan and I both live long enough. I can only hope that all of this plot building leads to two or three tremendous books at the end of the series.

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