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Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Jonatan 
(Aug 01, 2003)

I was terribly disappointed by this book. I've grown tired of the lack of progress in the story for the last couple of books, but the ending of "Winters heart" gave me a new hope - things will start to happen! Tarmon Gaidon is coming!

...And no. Nothing happened. I was a bit intrigued by the growing tension between Mat and Tuon, but that was it. Jordan spends my money on endless descriptions of people walking here and there, their clothes and... While I devoured the first five books, now I'm down to skimming... I just want to see the story end now. My expectations about the final are down to "hope something will happen".

Submitted by 
(Aug 01, 2003)

I am a big Fan of the WOT Series and have been greatly pleased with the series thus far and recommended it to dozens of friends. BUT, I was a little disabppointed in this installment to this series. I have no problem with Jordan taking us on an imagination ride that seems to never end but this seems to run off into the Depths of No Where. I like subplots but why are we subjected to constant new subplots with constant new characters whose bearing on the overall plot seems to be just to get the Page Count up. The creativity is lagging and it seems as if RJ is struggling to meet an over-taxing Deadline schedule. Mr. Jordan, do your creation and your fans justice. Give us some decent closure and let us all move on to your next great venture. This is a great Universe you've got. Close this story and then reuse the Universe for more Good (a closer look at the real Lews Therin maybe). But end this one before we all become lost to the Light. Two more books will be the limit of my investment in this series and then I am done. The End.

Submitted by Hans 
(Aug 01, 2003)

If you're an action afficionado, this book will not do anything for you. I believe the purpose of the book to be to prepare for the ending, nothing else. The majority of the plotlines all take a definitive turn towards TG, and aside from that, there's only minor pieces of new information being revealed.

While the book is easily among the weakest of this otherwise brilliant series, moreso standing out because of the brilliant Winter's Heart, I am not sure RJ had many other options to get the feeling of increasing darkness and imminent doom across. To fullfill any of the fan's (yes, mine too) hopes for wonders like those hinted at in WH would only take away from the tone and setting I believe RJ is trying to establish.

This is the beginning of the end, and I suspect book 11 will make many of us re-evaluate this book when seen in perspective with the ending of the series.

A good read, but very unfulfilling, standing by itself. We're ready for the finale, Mr Jordan.

Submitted by 
(May 18, 2003)

Jordan's work has always held my interest and kept me turning pages. I think my favorite stories in the WoT series, were those of Rand in the waste, rather than this last book which was just a waste. I'm certain that Jordan neither reads nor cares what I think. He continues to sell his works and builds his wealth and reputation, but I was tremendously disappointed in book ten.

I had hoped to have some movement with Perrin and Faile, some measure of gain with Mat and the daughter of the Nine Moons, with the emergence of Rand and a clean male half of the source... I hoped for all of that, but alas...

I was particularly struck by the complete change in Rand's childhood friend who I admired and enjoyed as the Amerlyn Seat of the Rebel Aes Sedai. 'E' was proving to be the Amerlyn for the ages and could manipulate as well or better than any other sister. Yet Jordan has her scampering off one morning without a word to anyone so she can use her own skills to block Tar Valon's harbor. What a cheap shot to the loyal reader, and a crude way to end this volume. I really dislike it when an author makes a character act in a way which betrays the nature of the character.

After reading this volume, I vowed NEVER to read WoT again!! I lied to myself of course. I'm hooked on them all. Isn't that what Jordan intends? I just hope volume 11 advances the story more than just advancing Jordan's pocketbook. Let's get on with it already!

Submitted by 
(May 18, 2003)

Mr. Jordan, repeat after me: Resolution. Im not afraid of resolution. The most interesting parts of this book took place in the White Tower and even there we were exposed to too much filler. Interesting to see what will happen with so many women planning things for the Ashaman without first asking them.
Stop Stephen Kinging your work: taking a paragraph to say what should be one sentence, a chapter for a paragraph, a book for a chapter. At your current pace and with your style you will require at least three books to wrap this series up. Any attempt by you to do it in less time will mean that your series will suffer.
Like those of us who read Crossroads of Twilight.
Well written and rich in description, you have created another splendid tome for those who love words. For those who want action, resolution, revelation, and less on what the Aes Sedai are wearing, Crossroads was disappointing. I'll re-read this book in a few months and see if I want to add another star but for now two is all it deserves.

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