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Fires of Heaven, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jan 04, 2005)

When I started this book, I was starting it with the cliffhanger from the previous book. Robert Jordan has a cunning ability to take an idea, expand it and make it addictive. I know of many people who are also addicted to Robert Jordan's books and it's nice to know that it's not just me.
In this book you can't wait till you get to read about a certain person's story. How everything fits together is brilliant, but I wish there was more on Perrin's story and not just references.
It feels like you become part of a well-developed world that seams to have references to our world that are casually slipped in. Here is a warning, that his series, like Eddings is addictive.

Submitted by 
(Aug 01, 2003)

Having read a majority of the WOT series I thought that Fires of Heaven (FOH) was excellent. However, I got stuck somewhere in the middle as the storyline bogged down in details (maybe important, but only time will tell). Suddenly in the last third of of the book everything starts to happen at once and I was again riveted and could not put the book down! Jordan's ability to give so much substance to each of his characters is amazing. That he can make them appear larger than life yet, human at the same time is definitely no easy accomplishment. The only negative aspect of the story was that most of the story reads much like a travel guide and we the reader become bombasted with minutae that seems irrelevant. Overall, this edition was a great episode in the WOT series and I look forward to continuing the saga.

Submitted by 
(May 18, 2003)

Robert Jordan's skill for keeping up the suspense far surpasses my expectations. the way in which he shows the battle of the sexes and so many complex twists that it takes me by surpise, even when I know the book well enough to know what might happen. I think FOH was the best book I've read because of how Rand channeled more in this book than in the other ones, and uses balefire for the first time. This book also unravels more of the mystery that shrouds Mat. When he killed Couladin, I saw him in a new light and he earned my respect as one of the best characters in the book. The best was when Lanfear attacked in a jealous rage and attacked everyone, demanding to have Aviendha. Lanfear was a little stronger than Rand, but what surprised me the most was that it wasn't Rand who killed Lanfear. I don't think Lanfear is really dead, and neither is Moraine. All in all, this book is very good, with so many complex twists and suprises hidden in every page.

Submitted by Tony Ellis 
(Dec 12, 2002)

I am halfway through Lord of Chaos and thoroughly enjoying the seies, though I thought I must say that Fires of Heaven almost stopped me dead in my tracks. I know the worst complaint for a book is plot before characterisation, but I felt that in FoH Jordan put character before plot, nothing happened in the first half of the book, Jordan began the book with everybody in the wrong place and decided to take half a novel to get everyone where he wanted them to further the plot; thus Elayne and Nynaeve spend the whole book travelling to Salidar, whilst Rand and Aiel must spend half the book getting to Caierhien. This continuous travelling, with Nynaeve constantly pissed off with everyone, Elayne mooning over Rand and Rand coping with Avhienda (Doesn't he realise three girls is a bonus when they all know and accept it?) Only towards the end of the book and the taking of Cairhien did things get exciting, but then action suddenly jumps to Caemlyn, and suddenly main characters are dying and everythings rushed and over. Thus this book is the worst one of an excellent stock. Only Mat saved the day and raised it to a three cos he's the best character by far.

Submitted by
(Aug 01, 2000)

Robert did it  with the Fires of heaven.
Having read them all ( 1-8) I still think this is the best. don?t ask me to explain why.
Robert jordan is now one of my three on top authors( David eddings,Terry Brooks, and ROBERT JORDAN).

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