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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Egwene 
(May 27, 2002)


Submitted by Asmodean
(Apr 06, 2001)

I have to say that people have definitely overblown this Path of Daggers thing. The book may not have been the most riveting of the series, but it was a far cry from the pitiful wretch people make it out to be. This last book has been the biggest hill of a roller coaster, and we are now pausing briefly at the top, before a gutwrenching drop into madness and chaos. That is why the book ended so ambiguously, not because Jordan doesn't remember how to write huge climaxes. The climax to come is TOO BIG to end a book. Mark my words, the next few books will blow you all away. No one sees the ending coming that Jordan has prepared, and you will all be surprised. Not disappointed, as many are saying.

Submitted by Tracy
(Mar 09, 2001)

I barely even remember what happened in Path of Daggers...what does that tell you?

Submitted by Anthony
(Nov 02, 2000)

Well here we are just days away from the release of Winter's Heart, so I feel it is a good time to have my say - perhaps the final say - on a Path of Daggers. I really liked this book. Having said that, I can also see why a lot of people were disappointed by it. In terms of the greater storyline not a great deal happened, but I accept that the plot has now reached such astronomical proportions that in order to mover the main plot closer to the final scene, Jordan now has to spend a book or so tying up all the associted loose ends and minor plot lines.† In my opinion, this is not a bad thing. I like the minor plot lines. If you are after a quick fantasy fix thats all over in a few hundred pages, go and read another author. The attention to detail that Jordan spends on the seemingly insignificant characters is what makes this series the masterpiece that it is.† Some of the main characters have also really developed in the last few books as well. Take for example how much better we know Elyane now, and although Nynaeve is - lets face it - irritating, her presence in the story offsets the brillance that is Mat. Whilst Mat was a glaring omission from a Path of Daggers, it's not the first time a main character has been left out of a book, probably won't be the last, and seeings we've effectively had four years of anticipation I'm sure Mr Jordan will not dissapoint us in Winter's Heart. One of the parts of the book I liked best was the opening sequence when we learn there is a flaming big borderland army wandering around with thirteen Aes Sedai on board. I certainly didn't see that coming and I'm sure that Winter's Heart will be full of equally delightful surprises.† A Path of Daggers has set the stage for something memorable, so play on Mr Jordan, play on!

Submitted by Lord_Foul
(Nov 02, 2000)

I have just finished Path of Daggers (after having read the entire series in 2 months, yes thatís a book a week and yes I do have a job); I have difficulty seeing why so many people seem to feel that the books are losing direction.

I personally believe that there is a fair balance between character development and plot.† It has to be taken into account that we are supposed to be following what happens to Rand over anything else.
Over anything else (I believe) we are supposed to be following Rand and his likely descent into madness (one of my favourite subjects).

Yes I agree it was a shame that Matt was left unmentioned during Path of Daggers but I seem to remember the same happening to Perrin and other characters.† To be honest although Matt was not actually in any of the chapters there were a few direct references to him, now if you take that with what has been mentioned by Min in previous books you can figure out whatís going on yourself, or as close as you need to knowing that Winterís Heart is on itís way (has arrived, I donít know I live in the UK).

Iíd best conclude this before I get carried away.† In my opinion Crown of Swords (book 7) and Path of Daggers (book 8) are absolutely superb, yes they do lack some of the action in previous books but there are some of the splendid battles and the character interaction is sublime.
Iím just hoping he manages to keep the series going until book 15, Iím just scared that all the moaning from people about the last two books being slow isnít going to make him rush the end of the story and cram it into 10 booker.

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