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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by fasterhooves
(Nov 02, 2000)

I think perhaps that RJ has become a little too immersed in building a detailed world at the expense of pace and the reader's ability to identify/sympathise with the central characters. There are just too many! He has perhaps forgotten that the challenge to a writer is 'what to leave out?'.

Comparisons with Tolkien are relevant. He did not attempt to use the Lord of the Rings as the sole vehicle for developing the world of Middle Earth.

Despite all this i feel that it is a little early to be writing off the whole series on the basis of POD. Who can blame RJ for becoming a little mired down in the midst of such an epic undertaking? I suspect that the series will regain its pace and focus as the plot develops towards the inevitable finale.

Submitted by Paul
(Oct 20, 2000)

When I first was introduced to the whole "Wheel of Time" series, it was through a friend I made fun of for finding such an interest and diversion from an "unlikely" source. He bet me 10 bucks that if I read the prologue to "The Eye of the World" that I'd become so engrossed in the book [itself] that I would not give up on the series. That's the best 10 dollar investment I ever made because I am a hopelessly addicted fan of RJ. I have read the entire series front to back 8 times and I find things that I missed every single time I reread it. RJ has created something that I believe no other auther has ever been able to produce in the same detail. His insistence upon "minutia" and attention to detail make for some, yes, slow reading, but in the overall scope of the story add a richness, a full texture to the story unparalelled by any other author(and I am VERY well read). Getting to the theme of this review, TPOD was slower reading than any other in the series; quite anticlimatic, but informative. With book 8, RJ has allowed his readers to shake the perverbial box under the Christmas tree. By this I mean that we have been given a bit of insight into what is coming but won't know for sure until it is time; he's built the plot up for a climax that I'm sure is to come later. Some specific points of interest in the book that lead to some speculative happenings in book 9, to this reader are:
1) Cadsuane having knowledge that Rand and the Ashamen can benifit from will be revealed in book 9.
2) The appearance of Logain at the Black Tower will have some profound effects and revelations in book 9, although this reader cannot surmise what those might be.
3) The evidence of Ashamen in revolt is almost ironic considering the plight of the Aes Sedai and some deal of focus will be spared for the dealings with this problem. I, personally, believe Mazrim Taim has created his own psuedo-faction and will be dealt with.
4) I, again personally, believe that the specific mention of Min's only viewing that [she] believed was a failed viewing, that of Moiraine having to be with Rand for him to succeed, is of much importance. I believe it was a subtle hint at Moiraines return in book 9, maybe 10(but she is coming back).
5) Maybe I'm reaching here, but I have heard squabbling over the specific lack of any mention of Mat in book 8. Readers take note, surprize is one of the key elements to captivating audiences. Mat WILL make a spectacular return to the forefront in book 9, you can be assured.
6) Almost the same story as #5. I cannot think of too many references to Demandred in any book of the series. Could this possibly be because RJ didnt want the readers to focus on him as maybe being the one Forsaken who might be left standing at the end? Maybe he teams up with Semirhage, who I can see might be the only other forsaken, unmentioned, practically, thats standing at the end.
7) Moridin, the unspoken one, has, presumably, been named Naeblis, but that honor has been reserved all along for the one left standing at the end; the so called strongest of the shadowsworn. I believe this is another diversion, considering he didnt even make an appearance until book 8.

Submitted by Dom
(Oct 20, 2000)

I know this is a bit late to write a review but i feel that i need to air my grievences.  I was very disappointed by this book.  Up till now R.J. has given us what we wanted a good story and characters.  But in this one he let us down with no plot tie ups, crying and lovesick women (Nynaeve), more plot twists and created plots.  The only good thing was we got to see more of Perrin who has been a back burner character for a while.  And so what if we dont see Matt, almost everybook has gone on with out atleast one main character in it.  (Besides where julian and Thom?)  Anyway my point is we need plot tie ups and a shove into the final battle.  with what people have been saying about prolouge to book 9 i hope it's better then this was.

Submitted by Steve
(Oct 20, 2000)

First off, people need to stop bashing Jordan.  I just read a review that said that that specific individual who thought Jordan had "forgotten" the plot to TWOT.  If all of you so called Jordan fans are going to compare him to Tolkien, which I do.  Expect him to write like Tolkien.  Tolkien had his original idea about The Lord of the Rings series when he was in college(forgot exact date) and the Lord of the Rings series wasnt written until around his mid-fifties.  Give Jordan some time to finish the series with style and equals to the books 5 and 6, my favorites.  If you look through the series, you have books that lead up to others, and the ending points of each book are already set. so wait for it, you are supposed to be strung along in a series of books. You need to accept each book as it is, a book setting up the finale, which should be on of the best of all times.

Submitted by Steve Johnston
(Oct 11, 2000)

I've been right into this series, and despite my faith that it may continue to do well, POD was truly somewhat disappointing.  In an effort  satisfy fans (and I imagine publishers) RJ has hardly got anywhere in the story.  What has happened to Mat?  One of the three lead males, and he doesn't rate a mention.  Meanwhile the female leads continue to bicker and pout like highschool girlies in lovesick fogginess rather than the holders of power and influence that they are.  Lets hope that Jordan doesn't abandon the story here and the end has to be written by the numerous obsessed fans who seem to devote an unqualified amount of time to what is ultimately just an epic story - at every level!

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