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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by
(Aug 10, 1999)

I just finished the path of daggers, finally. It was slow for a while; he talked about some boring
things, but it was excellent. I have read a lot of bad things about this installment, and I admit it
could have been more exciting, but the end was very exciting. This one leaves you hanging and praying
for the next book to be released soon. Hint. So in a nut shell stop crying you sissys its good
writing HAIL

Submitted by Kahn
(Aug 01, 1999)

I think Path of Daggers rocked. Lots happened in this book that is very important to the overall concept
of the age. Robert Jordan is a master of detail and without the detail in this book there would be
nothing to go on with. I was disappointed that Mat was not in this book but on the same token lots of
other stuff was happening that jordan obviously could not fit it all in. Robert Jordan does things for
a reason and he has left a climatic end to book 8 that has left me absolutely hanging for book 9. Rand
is running from the ashaman but as min said that cadsuane is going to teach him and the ashaman a lesson
so who knows what going to happen? Egwene is on the verge of a great battle with the white tower, Perrin
is escorting Masema back to rand but he is going to kick some ass when he finds out faile has been taken
gaishan,Elaine has just reclaimed the lion throne, logain is bonding aes sedai like its going out of
fashion, sammael still running around( I dont think he is dead)and Mat is going to kick some seanchan
ass and marry the daughter of the nine moons(seanchan empress) while finding olver (birgettes boyfriend
cane gaidal) man every book just gets better and I think book 9 is going to be the best book by a long
shot. Robert Jordan your a LEGEND.

Submitted by Jason Archey
(Jul 21, 1999)

To the people who complained about PoD get a life. People said Rand won again and learned a
little about himself. They also said the book was predictable. What are you talking about?
He lost to the seanchan. Then his own people betrayed him yeah that was predictable.
The Egwene attacked tar valon Faile was captured. Masema was dealing with seanchan.
This was the greatest book in the whole series. It could have had Mat but the 5 book
didn't have Perrin so it's even. Rand had to run instead of winning at the end Logain is
at the Black Tower. This book had so many mysteries, and suspence. Jordan truly takes his
palce as the best with PoD. I eagerly await book 9.

Submitted by Fanatic
(Jun 14, 1999)

Ok. I read some of the other reveiws and I had to put in my own. All these people complain that Path of
Daggers sucked. You people are dead wrong! If you look at it not as filler but as detail to a complex and
vived world full of strange people and stranger lands you will no dought see. This is like a big picture
Robert Jorden is painting and details are his colors. If he used all gray who would look at his art. Now
with colors he can create his own world to show us. There is more to this story then Matrim or even Rand
himself. This book goes into detail about the others and there adventures (or misadventures). It is great!

Submitted by The Soulless Goat
(Jun 03, 1999)

I've read the book a few times now, and though it doesn't advance the story as well as some of the
previous books, it makes important information more ready. It's a turning point in the series. The first
seven books set Rand up as The Dragon Reborn. Now we need a book to take that peak and start the slide
into the last, gut-wrenching page. The Path of Daggers does that nicely. It's like that split second that
lasts an hour while you wait in suspense for the roller coaster to plunge down that final large hill.
Without that hill, the coaster would be a waste of time. After all, if you want to have fun and go up
that coaster, you have to come back down. And because of the speed, you're bound to encounter the lull
in the center. So before you again comment on how horrible The Path of Daggers is, keep in mind that it's
essential to the plot. I don't want to speak of things too much because I don't want to spoil it for
people who haven't read it, but I will say that I'm still amazed that people don't think anything
happened! They used the Bowl, The Seanchan were beaten back, They march for the White Tower! The Daughter
Heir is back in her country! How can you say nothing happened? Just because it wasn't some bitter battle
with another Forsaken does not mean it's less priceless as the others. You can't have a battle without a
lead-in and lead-out. PoD is a pivot, not a battle. Remember that next time you look at the book. Without
it, you could never get to the climactic bottom of the roller coaster.

Furthermore, PoD is by far my favorite book in the series. It takes a writer to make a story, but it
takes a legend to make a world. Without detail, you might as well be looking at a blank page. Some people
like a book with little detail. I don't know why people like that are eeven reading the series. Robert
Jordan is a master of detail and if he can't play around in those, you're left with nothing. PoD on a
scale of one to ten? An easy ten.

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