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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Linda Zoldoske
(Mar 13, 1999)

Jordan's latest book, Path of Daggers, is a commercial stretcher
- one more book that he can get people to buy before he finishes the story.
I have enjoyed every book until this one and will continue to buy his books,
but I resent only one book a year, the obvious padding of each book with
minute detail, and his not moving on to other works. Is this all
he can write? Also, is this one-book-a-year a marketing ploy cooked
up by him or his publisher or both? I have long resented publishers
insisting that sci-fi authors do triologies and then not bringing out all
3 books at once. This marketing ploy gets in the way of the stories.
You need to go back and reread the first books before reading the sequels.
Do the publishers really think that we readers would not buy all of a series
if they came out together?

Submitted by Dave Albright
(Mar 13, 1999)

The Path of Daggers was not as engaging as Jordan's earlier works. I feel that Mr. Jordan has become as arrogant as Rand has.

Submitted by
(Feb 27, 1999)

I think that anyone who has taken the time to read even one
book, heck one chapter of the Wheel of Time series can see it is one of
the most enthralling and captivating series ever written. I have
a deep respect for Robert Jordan. I am a bit concerned after reading
A Path of Daggers however. It seemed to me that the entire book was
somewhat disjointed. It also answered almost nothing of importance,
while omitting arguably the second most significant character of the series.
I just worry that Jordan may be running out of magic on this series, which
would truly be one of the most dissapointing occurences of my life.
I hope his next book will prove me wrong and do it quickly!

Submitted by Arius
(Feb 22, 1999)

I think that Jordan is a great author but on this piece of
art he kind of flunked out. The book was a filler. Maybe its just to build
the readers suspences but let's hurry. The one thing I truely hate about
the book is the fact that the Band of the Red Hand and Mat just aren't
in the book. When I read the cover about Schean??? or whatever I thought
that Mat would be centre stage because he suppose to get married to her.
The book was good with a lot of character development but it just doesn't
have the can't put down feel. I liked the book and the author. I give this
book a excelent recondmendation??? or whatever. Hey who cares what a 11
year-old thinks but I hope you liked the book and the series.

Submitted by
(Feb 17, 1999)

OK there wasn't much "action" in Jordan's eight book. Or was
it? The book was however on of the best book together with TGH, TFoH and
LoC. I think the great and tragic battle between The Dragon Reborn and
the Seanchan was the best part.

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