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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Gable Cross
(Feb 15, 1999)

The Path of Daggers is an all around good book, but it lagged
compared to the earlier ones in his series. I just finished reading
the book and it doesn't end like most of his other books. The book
leaves you wondering whats going to happen. That would be a good
thing if his ninth book was out, but nuch to my disapointment it is not,
and will not be for a long time. I wait patiently for his next book
that hopefully will sovle many of the questions his eighth one left you
hanging with.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Feb 13, 1999)

Personally, I thought "Path of Daggers" was pretty good. I
realize that it did not contain the 'edge of your seat' kind of excitement
that some of Jordan's earlier books, but that doesn't make it a bad book.
All books contain a bit of filler. If the characters spent the entire book
fighting Trollocs or wielding the True Source, ther would be no time
for plot development whatsoever. I was, however i bit irritated with the
fact that Mat fell of the face of the world. Just like with Perrin's absence
in "Fires of Heaven", Jordan at least did refer to Mat every know and then.
Book #9 will probably be 90% Mat to make up for it. I truly doubt Jordan
would let Mat die. He is almost as important to the pattern as Rand is.
While I did not appreciate Mat's disappearance(he's one of my favorite
characters), and while I have an uncontrolable urge to cut of Nynaeve's
braid, I really liked the book. I will paitiently wait for books #9, #10...however
many there are going to be. On the off chance that Jordan ever reads this,
I would really enjoy a chapter where Elayne, Min, viendha, and Rand end
up in the same room together. As much as I love Rand, he's been toying
with these women long enough. He should pick one. Besides, there hasn't
been a good cat-fight since the Seanchan woman with the menagerie tossed
Nynaeve about like a ragdoll.

Submitted by Cal Barksdale
(Feb 10, 1999)

I can't help but draw parallels between the WoT Series and
L. Ron Hubbard's "Battlefied Earth" series. Both started with incredible
character development, action, intrigue and overall excitement. The
Battlefield Earth Series went on forever and became as unfocused and impossible
to comprehend as any Sci Fi/Fantasy series ever. I am extremely concerned
that Mr. Jordan is falling into the same trap as Mr. Hubbard. His
last work, "Path of Daggers" was an overall disappointment. I came
away feeling that there were very few "major" developments in terms of
character and plot. It has become obvious to me and my cluster of
friends who are also addicted to this series that Jordan really has no
idea how to wrap this thing up. Instead he piddles away with the
types of dresses his characters wear and if they prefer lace over brocade
and the need to be hard. In general the book was extremely introspective,
low on action, tedious and unnecessarily confusing. Too many characters
were not even addressed. I have a very funny feeling that someone
(maybe his wife) acted as ghostwriter through most of the book. I
have re-read it twice and there is a distinct style change about half way
through. The basic problem is that when I started reading this series
I was 26, now I'm 34. Come on Robert, let's crank 'em out.
We love you, but you tested us dearly with this last half-hearted effort.

Submitted by Geoff
(Feb 10, 1999)

A truly amazing series of books. Until that is you come
to Path of Daggers. It picks up well enough from the other books
but seems to be half a book at the end. Your left wondering where the rest
of the story is. Where is Mat for instance, it seems to be a filler
in the series until the next one comes out. A bit of let down.
I just hope the next book delivers.

Submitted by Carol
(Feb 02, 1999)

I think Robert Jordan is one of the best authors around.
As a matter of fact since I first picked up the book Eye of The World I
haven't been able to put any of them down. I keep reading them over
and over. Jordan is the best and I can't wait for the next one even
though it seems like forever. Definitely worth the wait. I'm
just starting to get anxious though. Whats in store for Mat and the
others. I just wanted to say jordan is the best in fantasy novels.

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