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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Bob
(Feb 01, 1999)

The Path of Daggers was a little bit of a dissapointment Mr.
Jordan seems to be to much into chaos and vivid dipictions of evil. His
world has been darkened to much in the sense that nothing good ever happens
to the characters anymore. I miss that, I always appreciated the good things
that happen to characters, I wish Mr. Jordan wasn't trying to be so realistic
is his potrayal of a hero and savior, I like when the characters get out
there and bash some heads, not piddel, moan and talk about being hard as
iron. I also liked book 1 because the world was still bigger then the characters.
Hopefully some good things happen in the next book and you won't feel like
the characters are slipping down a steep hill.

Submitted by Michael van Itterbeek
(Jan 31, 1999)

Although Robert Jordan started out with an extremely entertaining
and original story, I have to say that I'm somewhat dissapointed with "A
Path of Daggers" in the same fashion as I was dissapointed with his last
few books (with the exception of "A Crown of Swords", which I did genuinely
like). It did have some interesting parts, but I get the feeling
that Jordan has managed to reach this many volumes by stretching the plot
out a little too thinly. We learned very little in this installment,
and despite a few battles which were never actually described at all, there
was no real action. The character development is still there, but
that alone does not a novel make. Thankfully Jordan eased off on
the 'battle of the sexes' that filled many of his previous books.
It was cute for one book, maybe two, but after that it just got annoying.
Despite these problems, "A Path of Daggers" ended with many of the characters
poised on the edge of a plunge into some rather interesting developments,
meaning the next book will probably pick up the pace a little.

Submitted by
(Jan 05, 1999)

As a fantasy series goes Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" is
by far one of the top five best works of fantasy ever to grace bookshelves,
HOWEVER, "Path of Daggers" was pure filler, the type of work that a publisher
requires of you to fulfill your contractual obligation. I was very
dissappointed to have waited a full year, buy the expensive hardback edition
only to read minor characters and minor scermishes. Please don't
make your readers sit on their hands waiting for your next book, only to
remove the luster and be forced to plod through a novel with all the appeal
of stereo instructions!!!

Submitted by Anonymous
(Dec 26, 1998)

Starting on this long awaited book, I must say it wasn't without
expectations. Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series is held to be
one of the absolute best within the Fantasy genre, and I am one who thought
so both before and after reading The Path of Daggers. This book is truly
a masterpiece, describing a monumental world and yet so vivid you can almost
feel an see every detail. Not to forget the complexity of the story itself,
it's amazing to see how Robert Jordan manages to hold track of all the
different threads of the story an to see how they are brought together.
It ends all to soon with a lot of unanswered questions, but I guess I already
knew that before I started on the book. You can say that The Path of Daggers
is just another part of the story, just let us hope it will not be to long
before the next volume of The Wheel of Time series is released. I can hardly

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