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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

(169 ratings)

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Submitted by Faye Locke
(Sep 10, 2000)

When I bought POD, I realized I was going to have to re-read the entire series, due to the time between books.  I admit that, before, I thought the series was dragging as it went on, but in re-reading them all without having to wait a year between books, I found them most satisfying. 

My only qualm is this - TWICE in the POD, RJ mentions that Rand seized the "True Source" - now, the only other reference to the "True Source" has been with the Forsaken and/or Moridin/Shadar Haran - it is power taken directly from the Dark One.  Typos, or perhaps something we should wonder about (toward Rand's madness?)

The wealth of characters can be overpowering, if the books are not read in rapid succession.  I do refer to the glossary, but it's better to just read them all quickly.  My main problem is the time between books!  Far too long, in my opinion.

Submitted by Alex
(Sep 10, 2000)

A lot of people (in general) have said that the series has lost direction since the third book and that the past couple of books have had little point to them.  I disagree totally.  True, these have not been packed full of adventure.  Rand really doesn't go out into the world vanquishing foes left and right anymore.  He really hasn't done so for an entire novel since the third book.  Now, if you're only interested in an adventure novel where the hero goes off, does his thing, then come home triumphant over and over, then Path of Daggers is probably not for you.  Personally, I have become fascinated with the political side of this world that Robert Jordan has presented to us.  He has spent much time creating a world full of political intrigue, right from the start.  Through Rand's earlier experiences we learn how the Aes Sedai plot and how the Forsaken maneuver.  Now it is time for the time and effort Jordan spent upon this unique political structure to come to fruition.  Each side has its own political system of sorts.  By doing this, Jordan adds to the setting's development, as well as the main characters' development as leaders.   These races of people cannot all be expected to take Rand's conquering of them lying down.  And another thing that I enjoy is how Rand is so unsure of himself with these people.  He can lose.  In this respect, he is vulnerable.  And for those who still crave adventure, don't worry.  There is (maybe) an end coming up somewhere, and you can bet it will have plenty to interest.

Submitted by Adam
(Sep 10, 2000)

I'm not finished with the book yet, but I have not been bored by it.  I think people need to wait untill the next book comes out untill they can truly say whether he is losing his focus on this series.  I am a firm believer, and fan, of detailed plot and character development.  I think Jordan does a great job of this and paints worlds that many authors couldn't.  And if you can't follow the all the characters, maybe you need to work on your memory.

Submitted by Dan Juliano
(Sep 01, 2000)

The last novel in Robert Jordan Wheel of Time (for now) represents what the series is all about: A too long, unfocused book. The series began to loose its direction after the fourth (!) book, where the number of civilizations, enemies, clans, heroes, forsaken, ultra-forsaken (Moridin), taavern, couples, AesSedai, wisdoms, windcatchers, warders, magical devices and taangreal, became too much to bear. I am sure that no reader of the last book would have noticed if Mr. Jordan would have accidentally swapped the name of one of the wisdoms with Elayne with one of Rand's, or perhaps even with an AesSedai?

Just to illustrate what I mean by "TOO MUCH", here is an example:
One book 1, the group traveled through the Ways.
Later, Rand traveled using some transportation pillars (I don't remember the original name) to the Aiel Waste.
Then, he chased Asmodin through some unexplained tunnel while standing on a moving plate.
Afterwards, Aviendha accidentally discovered "traveling". That is after that knowledge was lost for thousands of years.
If that's not enough, Egwene traveled in the World of Dreams from the Waste to some other location.

Why some many different, unexplained, magical methods of travelling. That is in total contrast to the fact that a very powerful AesSedai ( Moiraine) searched the land for Rand on horse.

That's just the peak of the iceberg. I don't want to mention the extremely shallow behavior of women in love (and there are some many).

I suggest that Mr. Jordan would site down, consider how he wants his series to end, and write one long focused novel that will be as good as the first one.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Aug 18, 2000)

I'd just like to say that book 7 was a total dissapointment.
I think that rj has totaly left were he started with book 1, bringing in character that really easy to hate(Faile, the heatless Rand, and a good deal of the sedai.

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