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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Cory Klein
(Aug 11, 2000)

I have read all of the Wheel of Time books eagerly and thought that they were all awsome books!  I was pretty dissapointed at the last two books in the series though, Path of Daggers, and umm... the 7th book. (Can't remember the name)  All of the other books I couldn't put down (believe it or not, I went to Europe for 3 weeks and finished "The Great Hunt" and the one after, I'm awful at names aren't I?) but I found when I got to the last two, I was putting it down so often I got library fines!  Jordan is a good writer and still wrote well in the last two.  But there was too much of describing every little thing and too little of things actually happening. 

A lot of people say it is some kind of "calm before the storm" but whats the point?  What is the point of wasting two (very long and time consuming) whole novels on having a "calm before the storm"? 

P.S.I agree w/everone on the 7 chapters of Nyneave and Elayne, those two women need to end their quest.

Submitted by Josh
(Aug 02, 2000)

TPOD has proven to be a slow book, it's true.  The thing about it is that Jordan is writing a series, not just one book.  The story is not done.  A story is a chain of events.  A rising plot that moves into a climax and then an anti-climax.  All of his books to this point have had all of these elements, till this one.  So because of that it is a terrible book. NONSENSE! This book is both anti-climatic and plot building. I admit i did not like it the first time, but i read it again and i loved it. I could not put it down.  In addition i'd like to say that i hope that one day i see this book on the silverscreen.

Submitted by Tyson
(Jul 19, 2000)

In my opinion "A Path of Daggers" is not one of the best books in this series, however it is better than "A Crown of Swords".  I think that was the dog of the series and POD picks up the detail again and makes it interesting.  True, no forsaken were killed in this one, but at least the story started moving in a certian direction again(i think we're going to see some big resolutions in the next book), where as Crown just kept adding more and more charactures. At this point Jordan needs to starting killing(or removing) 2 characters for every 1 he adds just so we can keep up. Like I said Crown was the real dissapointment in my opinion, but this last one puts him back on the Path(yea pun intended).

Submitted by
(Jun 12, 2000)

First of all I'd like to say that I am am I big Robert Jordan fan. Since the first book I have eagerly anticipated the next one, agonizing over how long I had to wait for each one, only to find it was well worth the wait.
This time, however, I'd have to say I was extremely disappointed. Today, I find there are only a few authors who's books I have I hard time putting down. Until this book, Robert Jordan was one of them.
I could be wrong, but it seems to me almost as if he's deliberately dragging out the series. Yes, a few notable things occured in this book key to the series, but it seemed as if most of the book was just filler and rehash.
I found myself scimming through most of it until I got to the end, which I'd have to say did set up the next book nicely.
Because I am a big fan of the series I am going to read the next book. Hopefully, it will be more along the lines of The Lord of Chaos which was my favorite and had one of best endings of any book I have ever read.

Submitted by Steve
(Jun 10, 2000)

Is it just me or did everyone miss the wonderful little things that are happening.  Rand finally got up the courage or went crazy enough to use the sword thats not a sword, and is thinking of using other more powerful weapons.  Nianeve (or however you spell her name) broke her block to the one power.  And we got at peak some new developements.  We can see some tyranny from the dark tower and some loyalty as well.  I enjoyed this book every bit as much as the others.

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