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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Josh
(Jun 10, 2000)

There was only one thing that turned me off about this book, I was expecting something about Matt.  When I read the book and found out he wasn't in it I thought badly of the TPOD until I read through the entire series again.  Then I realized that it was just as good as the rest of the books it was only the fact that he didn't cover Matt in it that made me orignally dislike it. 

Keep up the good work Mr. Jordan and I will keep on buying:)

Submitted by Elshad Kasumov
(Jun 05, 2000)

First off, I just want to state that I am a big fan of Robert Jordan's work, especially his Wheel of Time series.  I've been following WoT for years now, always eagerly awaiting the new installments.  Therefore, it pains me to say that Path of Daggers was disappointing.  Don't get me wrong, the story was intriguing, the plots thickened, the tension built up even more.  However, once I got to the end of the book, my first thought was, literally, "Uhm... Where is the second half of this book?"  PoD seemed like half-finished effort.  Instead of at least partially resolving some of the plot points that have been around for a looong time, Jordan left the readers with even more convoluted threads.  I could bring up quite a few such points, but the main one, to me, is "Where is Mat Cauthon?"  Two-plus years prior to the release of PoD, at the end of Crown of Swords, Mat was buried under a collapsing wall in the city overrun by the Seanchan.  In Path of Daggers, there is no mention of Mat at all (unless you count one conversation in which his name is brought up)!  Crown of Swords, the seventh book in the series, left the readers hanging off a cliff.  Over two years later, Path of Daggers, book seven-and-a-half, grabbed the reader off the edge of the cliff and pushed him twenty feet away, hanging in mid-air.  And it's been 20 months since PoD was released, yet there's not a peep about the next installment.  I just want to say that the next book needs to be a masterpiece (and reeeeeally long) to make up for the shortcomings of Path of Daggers.

Submitted by joanne
(Jun 05, 2000)

Personally, I loved book 8 as much as I loved the rest of them!  True, Nynaeve and Elayne's anger and contempt for men can get old, but no author is perfect. And there really are ppl like that; that is what I love about his series.  Despite saidar and saidin and the taint, it is all so well written that you start to believe that this has or will happen. 
I know I'm not the first one to say that I miss Mat.  He is really fun and is one of the more normal characters.
I think this book and all of it (well, most) was necessary for the series and I can't wait for Winter's Heart to come out (fall of 2000, so I hear)....

Submitted by Preston Carlson
(May 29, 2000)

I doubt it is my place to make any statement whatsoever partaining to literature, but as a lover of quality literature, and of the fantasy epic in particular, I feel I must add my reaction to reading TPOD.  I began reading the Wheel of Time series almost ten years ago.  I was 13 at the time.  As I have grown older I have eagerly anticipated each new book in the series.  The first time I read TPOD I was very dissapointed.  Maybe I'm a bit too involved with the story, but as I read the story I began to feel depressed.  I remember one of the characters mentioning something about sorrows piled upon sorrows or some such, and I felt as if all the sorrows of the previous seven books had been placed in TPOD.  At the conclusion of the book I told myself I would not read the book over again until the next one came out.  I have the habit of reading the books over and over again as I did with The Lord of the Rings.  Now when I try to read other books I wish I was reading tWOT.  It is now 1 1/2 years later and I broke my promise to myself and read TPOD once again.  As I did so I came to a realization.  I recalled my experience reading the first three books in the series.  At the time of their completion I thought I knew just about all there was to know about their content.  As each new book came out I saw how sadly mistaken I was.  With each new book the depth of each preceding book was expanded.  In fact each new book prompted me to read the preceding books once again.  As I ponder the criticisms of TPOD especially from my wife, I wonder what their reaction will be after reading the next few books in the series.  It is my opinion that the critics will be silenced and TPOD will be vindicated as the equal of any book in tWOT.

Submitted by Sanretsu
(May 09, 2000)

Yes, what can I say, another fan of the wheel of time ready to voice my opinion.  Anyway, the path of daggers, in my opinion, is really "the calm before the storm".  i think that it should get more involved in the winters hearth, especially if he brings back Mat Cauthon.  He has such character.

I just wanted to voice my opinion in telling the world that nyneave and elayne get too much time and other important people don't.  i like the way robert jordan has things set up, like events happening at the same time and effecting the other side of the world in the other characters view...aka the bowl of the winds... and i don't think he has too many side quests or anything, so i am happy with that.  if you agree with me, you can contact me...i guess... (waste your time...[for me])i also have icq and can be reached if you contact me

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