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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Ghaleon
(May 09, 2000)

I just want to start off by saying that I think the reason everyone has been panning Jordan's last 2 books is simply because they don't meet the "par" so to speak compared to the rest of the series. Now, keep in mind that I think the first 6 books in the WoT series are truly the best six books I've ever read. So his latest 2 books aren't his BEST work, but they are still damn entertaining. If you were to ask me whether or not Jordan should've spent more time on those 2, I would say NO. I've been reading this series since 1989, and I don't know about you, but I'm willing to let go some of the quality in order to pump the book out. Waiting 2 years between these books is agony. Plus, the series is so intricate that I have to read it again just to remember all the plots that are going on.

First 6 books : A+
Last 2 : B+

Submitted by maizrim
(May 05, 2000)

i'm gonna keep this short because i don't want to bore you. all i have to say is POD is a great book with some faults, but every book(great or not) has faults.  as for not connecting with the basic plot, who's to say it doesn't?  only jordan himself knows the full plot, the rest of us are just guessing. i mean, even if one of us guesses right, jordan can make us wrong in the flash of an eye by changing his original idea. so don't bash him too hard.  oh yeah, one more thing...WHERE THE HECKLA IS MAT?!?!?!  i miss the guy and can't wait for the ninth book. come out already!!!

Submitted by Nicholas Urich
(May 02, 2000)

Jordan has reached a big writer's block in his career.  The last two books have been a bunch of nothing!  Whole chapters are spent in redundant description of irellevant information, or repitition of what the readers already know (unless they decided to read the series backwards, but who does that?). I have now grown accustomed to skiping whole lines because I already know what is says without reading it!  Tons of side plots and sceams are introduced but are then dismissed and have no bearing on the story what so ever. 

Jordan has too much going on at one time, (don't get me wrong I think that makes the book even better, and more intrigeing) and doesn't know what to do with it or how to tie it back into the story.  Jordan, you need to get back to the basics, and lay off the over elaborate side plots.

PS.  Do we really need 7 chapters in a row about Elaine (sp) and Nyneve!?  NO!

Submitted by Jaerom Darmel
(Apr 21, 2000)

I find it really odd that there were very few people who only sort of liked the book.Most of the reviews I have read have been either a love/hate type feeling.
I myself loved the book and disliked it equally.To me, though, I pick up a different book and I wish I was reading Jordan, so I pretty much like everything he does.I specifically liked many things about the book; the Black Ajah gai'shan, the Shaido still attempting their glorious return.The only thing I wish RJ would end is this whole Nynaeve, Elayne, and co. constantly getting into trouble with the Black Ajah.Of course, I could really do with Nynaeve altogether, but that would be sacrigligous(sp?).
And, of course, the absence of Mat.But he's stuck under a wall, I believe (hope that isn't a spoiler, but if you haven't gotten to book 8 yet, why are you reading this?)
I have heard PoD referred to as the 'calm befre the storm,' and I can only hope so.Though his books are considerably more informative lately, they are lacking in the area of wide interest and exposition.I believe that most of the poeple who really enjoyed this book(as much as the previous editions) are the true fans, the true Jordan Cultists.Well, I raise my mug of Dewmelon punch to you!

Submitted by Jason Greenwell
(Apr 21, 2000)

I, like many of you have eagerly awaited the release of each book in the series. The Path Of Daggers was a BIG dissapointment.

It was simply not up to scratch.

Half the volume and twice the waffle.

Half the enjoyment and twice the price.

I think that he has lost the plot. Why on earth is he writing Conan books instead of focusing on finishing the WOT. The reason must be (and it pains me to say it) that he doesn't know how to finish it.

Should we defend these mediocre morsels cast out in Bi-annual sprinklings. Be honest, did you read TPOD into the early hours not bothering to sleep because you couldn't wait to find out what happened next? Of course you didn't - it was dull - go on admit it.

Come on Robert, you can do better.

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