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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Jim Connelly
(Apr 12, 2000)

I have loved The Wheel of Time series since 1990 when I first picked up "The Eye of the World". Each book was more astonishing than the last and I turned on legions of new RJ fans. Unfortunately both "A Crown of Swords" and "The Path of Daggers" have been extremely disappointing. The plot movement has been OK, and details that permit the plot to progress, or adds color to the portrait of a character is
great; however if I hear one more reference to exposed bosums, or "sicking up", or Aes Sedai gasping at the sight of "a man who channel"... well I may begin sicking up myself. The list of overdone characterization "gimmicks" is growing. Why? "Fire From Heaven" was a masterpiece. Where is the author who wrote that book. I can only suppose the immensity of the task has driven him to these meager ploys. In any case, I understand the Conan books are excellent!

Submitted by Alan Moyes
(Apr 11, 2000)

I recently became aquainted with Robert Jordan's work after hearing comparissons between The Wheel ot Time series and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. I find no comparisson at all. I was unable to complete the Path of Daggers. The characters are one dimensional, the prose suck, and the repition of information drove me to distraction.

At the age of 15 the works of Tolkien helped develope a love of reading in me that continues 30 years later. Had I begun by reading the books of Robert Jordan i may have spent my life in front of the T.V.

Submitted by Michael C. Spearing
(Apr 03, 2000)

After enjoying the first seven excellent WOT novels, I eagerly tore into POD, expecting a growing crescendo of conflict. Something really big was surely going to break loose.

Instead, the book was frankly a bit stodgy. I enjoyed it anyway, but deep down inside I wish a little more plot  movement had transpired. I know, I know ... this slight haitus represents the calm before the storm and all, and I intend to pounce on the first copy of ole engine number nine I see. But perhaps  "Calm Before the Storm" would have been a better title for POD. Just a thought.


Submitted by Tom
(Mar 31, 2000)

I was dissapointed with Path of Daggers because it didn't really have the same excitement as the other books.  When I wait 2 years between books, I find myself eager for new things to happen in the book.  When I got to the end and realized that not much had really changed since the last one, and 2 more years til the next book, well, darn.  But then I don't like to wait a month between comic books either......

Submitted by Francois Vincent
(Mar 27, 2000)

The Path of Daggers is Book 8 in the Wheel of Time series. Not book 1, nor book 2. Book 8. Mr. Jordan has stated in previous interviews that he expects a minimum of 3 more books to complete the series. That makes Path of Daggers book 8 of at least 11 books.

It is at this point where I must point out that this series, while trickling out in bi-annual portions, is one long story. So while we, the readers, have to judge each book on its own merit due to the cavernous space of time between books, Mr. Jordan has the onerous task of making the series readable as one long book.

We've reached the point in the series known as 'the calm before the storm'. When the series is complete and I re-read the set from start to finish, I'll be glad for the dramatic pauses, the fully-fleshed characters, the intricate weaving of plot threads. Books 7 and 8 seem to be the setup for the big finale. Time passage has slowed down to few days passage in book 7 and has ramped up again to a few weeks in book 8 and I think it's reasonable to assume this trend will continue as the pace increases to a furious conclusion.

There are some criticisms that I do wish to get off my chest. The author suffers from a few cases of 'Here's My World' by using some uneccessary POV (EG: The many Seanchan soldiers). While I appreciate the detail, expounding it does not always improve the tale. Actually, most of my problems with this section of tWoT is the delving into details. While of mild interest, they do not add to the experience. Granted that small problems like, organizing a large group, field morale, maintenance are indeed important, too much focus on minutae makes the reader lose the forest for the trees. Trying to mix a heroic quest with micro-management, seems a dangerous path to tread.

I still eagerly await the next installment hoping for the grand events that leave Our Heroes swept up in the torrent that will surely erupt once the delicate dam breaks wide open.

Addenda: Mat's return will be all the sweeter for his mysterious disappearance. Much like Moiraine's...

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