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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Bryan Whitney
(Mar 20, 2000)

The path of Daggers by Robert Jordan is different from the rest of the series. It takes parts of the main plot and tosses them around. Furthering the anticipation in future books. however it does tie up loose ends. it also hints at books to come. many subplots have finished and  with them finished the book also hints at the conclusion of parts that haven't finished yet. Book 9 Winter's Heart I think will take part of those hints and form another conclusion of another plot. Who Rand al' thor loves. Yet now is the time for those hints to come together as the series starts towards the conclusion.

Submitted by wastra
(Mar 08, 2000)

Okay, okay. I've read load of reviews on this and every other book from the Wheel of Time series, and I think it's time someone stood up for Robert Jordan. One wold think, after reading reviews of Path of Daggers, that he was trying to re-write the Bible. His series has become so important to so many readers, that the standards he must reach become increasingly higher with each book. This explains the length of time he takes to write each book also- he MUST make sure they "make the grade." The Simple fact that so many people expect so much from this series speaks volumes as to its impact on the genre and its quality as a work of literature.

In all honesty, Path of Daggers is not as fast-paced, not as exciting, and not as powerful as the last few releases in the series. But it is NOT a poor piece of fiction. Jordan spent the last few books weaving in sub-plot upon sub-plot upon sub-plot to the point where it must have been as confusing to him as it is to us, the readers. Path of Daggers was a necessary step in this series. I suspect that Jordan forced himself to write this book, cleaning up many of those loose ends, so that the future of this series will be not only more enjoyable for us, but more enjoyable for him to write.

Path of Daggers was not boring. It was not poorly written. It was not poorly thought out.

It WAS an important step in the evolution of the story as a whole. Without Path of Daggers, the Wheel of Time series would become a great monster, many more books would continue to be written and released until the public simply could not stomach Rand Al'Thor any longer.

Path of Daggers, by clearing up many of the more incidental points in Wheel of Time, has set the stage for some powerful, important plot developments in the near future. When you read the next installment of Wheel of Time, and are stunned by the fascinating and amazing events that it relays to you, remember that it wouldn't be possible without Path of Daggers. I suspect this book will never receive the credit it deserves, but in truth, it will prove to be the catalyst for future books that should be better than all the others. The best is yet to come!

Submitted by Rob Johnson
(Mar 07, 2000)

As for everyone degrading Jordan's talent as a writer and the quility of his most recent book, Path of Daggers, you have absolutly no clue as to what you are talking about. With a doctorate in English, I can confidently state that Path of Daggers, as with the rest of Jordan's WOT series, was masterfully written. He has continued to write with astonishing detail and add to the depth of the characters. Not many authors can provoke such a strong emotional response as Jordan has. How many series have drawn tears, laughter, and such pure, real emotion for the characters? Path of Daggers is no different than the rest of the series in doing so. The only problem I had with this book was simply based on a personal preference. The book seemed to just stop at the end. However, if my suspisions are correct, Jordan has used this to create an extreme case of anticipation in his readers. I know that I am not the only one who can say that I wish Jordan wrote faster. I finished the first 8 books in the series in 2 weeks and u
nfortunatly I must endure such and extended wait for the next book to be released. For those who have a facination for the genre and not just Jordan, I would have to recommend Terry Goodkind, and a new author, David Farland.

Submitted by Sylvain Godin
(Feb 27, 2000)

Robert Jordan, without a doubt to my mind, is a grand author. I've read all of his Wheel Of Time novels and loved them all. But the one that intruiged me the most was the last of his novels that we have in our hands today : The Path Of Daggers. The novels is quite disturbing in ways, for in the end, Robert writes to us as if it was the end. I find that a very intruiging way to do this as an ending, but it adds a sort of suspence. What I mean, is the book adds a way to make our minds work to think on what exactly Mr. Jordan will write for Book 9. Although this book was not my favorite one, it does not deserve the bad reputation it has been given all the time. The book was most likely to show the dark path of the characters and that nothing is forever. Well, that's my view, anyway. But again, I've read many books, by many authors, even the renowned J.R. Tolkien, and to my best opinion, Robert Jordan rivals them all with the series he has been known for : The Wheel Of Time.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Feb 25, 2000)

After reading the other reviews I think that there is a lot of people that need to get a life! How can you be critical of something you aren't doing yourself. Let's sit back for a moment and take a look at this book for what it is. It is a very well writen sequel to a very detail filled series that has kept most of us enthrawled for years. Most of us would not change the fact that we started the series and have kept snatching the books up as fast as Mr. Jordan can author them. The book is no less than what I have come to expect from him, in which he is able to suck you in and keep you reading with all the detail and life that he gives each plot. The fact that he puts a new twist on the whole Rand vs. everyone thing with the half victory and half defeat against the seanchen is just one example that he is still putting character into his sequels. Oh how you would cry if he had been building the series for 7 books and then brought it to a break neck end all in book 8 ..... it is going to take time to wrap
up all the loose ends. This wasn't a filler .... it was the beginning to the end. The detail of the world and characters that he has brought to life is just plain execellant and I would very highly recomend this book to anyone.

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