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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by
(Jan 26, 2000)

I feel that the Path of Daggers wasn't as good as the previous books that had gone before it... BUT, I also think this book was necessary for him to write as it will be the basis for his next 2 books, which will be mind blowing...

Submitted by Ben
(Jan 24, 2000)

The sentiment that Robert Jordan has lost his touch is ridiculous. Though after reading the path of daggers I must admit I was dissapointed. Comparred with his previous standard, though still exeding many other authors, I felt it was missing the depth of the previous books. The book as a whole had a rushed feel to it that may have been the product of the pressure on him to conclude the series. The book was still good though and i for one will be happy to wait for however long to read the next book.

Submitted by Ashley Leung
(Jan 20, 2000)

Everyone has been either critisizing this book or sticking up for it. Personally, I think it was a bit slower than the other books, but that's ok. It's filling you out a bit more on the other characters, instead of concentrating on Rand. Who is Cyndane? Most people think it is Lanfear. Moridin is so evil. . . hehe. What happened to Loial? I can't wait for Book 9, which I've heard is called Winter's Heart.

Submitted by
(Jan 09, 2000)

I have read many reviews for this book stating that robert jordan has lost his touch and will probably take 30 books as "boring" as this one to finish the wheel of time series. Personally, i think to book was great, and for those who dont like it, it may seem boring because he is just setting up for 9th and 10th books that will blow everyone away and finish the series.

Submitted by Lindsay Bruce
(Nov 19, 1999)

What are you people thinking?!! I loved reading the Path of Daggers. I thought it was a great book. And yes, throughout the whole book I was thinking, where's Mat, but that didn't make it any less interesting! It was an awesome book, with an awesome, involved plot. But then again, to all of you sitting at home with your little 60 page, no plot books, maybe you just aren't intelligent enough to understand it.

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