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Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by MolsonCanadian
(Nov 16, 1999)

I find it amusing how people can think there is pointless details in this book...everything adds up to something. Being TWOT readers, by the 9th book, you should've noticed that. I pity the people who didn't like the book and thought it boring with mindless details. I think in book 9 (if there is one..please) they'll learn that they were misinterpreted by their thoughts...Jordan has a knack with incorporating every word, every detail, into the story line. I've found that no matter how small the detail is, in the future there is always something connected to it.

Submitted by Bryan Pitts
(Oct 15, 1999)

People have complained that Path of Daggers lacks excitement. However, I think that this opinion may in part exist due to the shift in the story present in the book. For the first seven books of the series, Robert Jordan had been building his plot carefully, setting things up just the way he wanted them. In contrast to the previous books, the Path of Daggers switched from plot building to plot resolution. Just as it took several books to build the plot, it will take several books to resolve it, and The Path of Daggers just set that plot resolution process into motion. Finally, instead of becoming more complex, the story started to become less complex. The disloyal Asha'man are showing themselves. Egwene is preparing to attack the White Tower. The Shaido are in position to wreak havoc. The Seanchan are in place to challenge Rand. Readers should understand the book as a shift from plot development to plot resolution and realize that Jordan cannot resolve the plot all at once -- it is going to take som
e time for the thing to wind down.

Submitted by Peter Sung
(Oct 02, 1999)

All of you who have read Path of Daggers and are complaining about this or that or another...perhaps you miss the point. Reexamine path of daggers..."Path of daggers" as an analogy could be a path of danger or a road that's dangerous. Kind of like how its making you feel after you read Path of daggers no? Like its a path of daggers for the whole series of the Wheel of time because it is a filler and its chancy with the readers...*L* but genuinely I think Robert Jordan is a genious that he has actually named the book correctly as being "the path of daggers" and having everyone believe that it is. *L* Maybe this book is mocking all of you out there who complain to much about a story that's supposed to be just enjoyed and not overanalyzed to death. hehe I for one think that Path of Daggers was a good book, like all his other books before this one, I mean after all its inseparable from the whole story as a whole and that's the point of this book.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Sep 25, 1999)

I just finished reading this book. What is up with the women? I got so aggravated with Nynaeve and
Elayne I was ready to order their execution by the most evil means possible. I don't know how other readers
took this constant barrage of anger between all of the women in the book but it harrassed me to the point
where I could not even concentrate. I missed the maidens and Matrim, but was pleased by the beginnings of
interesting plot twist involving Cadsuane Aes Sedai.

All in all, I believe that this book was a necessary addition to an already all consuming wpic.
The WOT has taken it's place on my bookshelves next to Thomas Covenant and Jordan would have to
get pretty bad for me to move it.

Submitted by Rebel Drag
(Aug 11, 1999)

I just finished reading the Path of Daggers and i think i know why everyone is saying it was less
exciting. Its because after 7 books we have come to expect all the plot turns Robert throws into
the brew of his stories. In Path of Daggers the storyline was pretty much straight-forward.
That is why some would say it wasnt as good. But it was still very important. The straight
forwardness got more done than usual, we just didnt notice it.All the plot turns seemed to come
at the end, which is going to make the next book that much more exciting. But the last paragraph
in the last chapter left me thinking there wouldnt be another book. So when anyone finds out please
e-mail me with its title.

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