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Jackal of Nar, The by John Marco

(43 ratings)

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Submitted by Dewey
(May 07, 2001)

This book is great over all. It'd would be a shame to miss out on a soon to be classic.

Submitted by Gregory
(Feb 07, 2000)

The Jackal of Nar is magnificent! John Marco shows a talent that very few authors have. His style tends to remind me of Terry Goodkind, which is a good thing for a lot of fantasy fans, though you will find John Marco has quite a few tricks of his own up his sleeve. Writer Marco is good at giving you different perspectives of his characters,there are times when you are almost rooting for the bad side! I suggest you consider this novel!

Submitted by Sean
(Nov 25, 1999)

I am doing a review of John Marco's JACKAL OF NAR. Well, this is an excellent book, I not only found it entertaining and original, but the characters were all very separate and each had a very fitting personality. I'm not sure if there were any character foils, but, if there were email and tell me.
Truthfully, I could hardly put the book down. Seeing as how I love fantasy novels this one was really well written. I have read others but they aren't nearly as good as THE JACKAL OF NAR. I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels of any kind.

Submitted by Steve Quanborough
(Sep 29, 1999)

The first installment of Tyrants & Kings - Jackal of Nar is a large volume full of action and intrigue.
The characters are unique and can be easily identified through the book which makes the story easy to
follow. John Marco throws the reader from page 1 right in the middle of the story, and from there on
shows that sometimes there is little that is pure black and white, but rather flecked with much grey.
This one of only of a handful of fantasy books that have made me reflect on occurances and think hey what
would that be like. The battle scenes and dialogue are first rate and I eagerly await the next volume -
The Grand Design in April 2000. To put a rating out of 10 for this book it would be 9 1/2 - 10 which has
only ever been reached by Guy Gavriel Kay, Feist and J V Jones in my mind. John Marco should be the name
on every fantasy reader's lips , enjoy Jackal of Nar!!!

Submitted by Tina
(Sep 21, 1999)

I've never seen a review of this book here, so I thought I'd submit one myself, because I've just finished
reading it for the second time and it is wonderful. This is one of the most unique fantasy novels in
years. Similar to the George Martin series, it has a serious tone and complex, well thought out
characters. It's also got terrific villains, with no one completely evil, and the heroes of the story
are far from perfect, but are instead very human.

The book is a little long in parts, especially the middle, but the battle scenes are first rate and the
ending is terrific. But most importantly, the story challanges traditional ideas of right and wrong, s
howing two sides of the imperial war that is central to the plot. I'd like to recommend this book to fans
of Tad Williams and George RR Martin, in particular. I also welcome email from others who've read it and
want to discuss it.

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