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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by
(Sep 10, 2000)

When I first saw the Harry Potter series come out, I thought it was just another one of those fads. But when I started reading one of those books I knew that this isn't just something new that is a teeny bit better and something everyone else wants to get their hands on. This is pure genius! I think that this book's every word keeps you enthralled. Not like those other books who just go on and on and on about something you would even want to know a sentence about (something THAT boring!)

Submitted by Anoush
(Sep 07, 2000)

First time I thought of reading the "Harry Potter" series was when the 4th book came out. I just bought the first one thinking that if I like it I'll read them all. The very next day I bought them all. I read all 4 books in just 3 weeks. And since English is not my native language and I started learning it just 5 and 1/2 years ago it's pretty fast. It's because your books are BRILLIANT.
First: I love books like this which in my language are called Philosophical Fairy Tales and not Fantasy.
Second: I wanted to thank you for improving my English. My vocabulary has increased by probably 30% and I use British words not even knowing that.
Third: I wish you would conscider writing more books than it was planned. Tell us what happens to all of the kids after graduating the Hogwarts school.

Thank you for the world you created. Or maybe it always existed in all of us and we just didn't know how to find it.
I'm going to miss it.

Submitted by Danny
(Mar 17, 2000)

Dear J.K Rowling...

When i had read your harry potter and the chamber of secrets I thought thatt it was so good that I went out and bought harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban I Did`nt care if I had to pay 11.00 to get it in haard back i was`nt going to wait until april!
When is your 4th book coming out in england????

Hope to read more of your books soon

From Danny , A very big fan of yours


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