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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Laurie 
(Aug 02, 2001)

I am 12. I've always liked to read, but I've never really read a book more than once. When my Mom got the Harry Potter series with her book club, I read them all in a week and I have been reading them over ever since. Each time they are as good as the times before.

Submitted by vanessa 
(Jun 29, 2001)

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone is an excellent book which won the heart of all readers. J.k Rowling deserves to be acknowledged as much as she has been or even more

Submitted by Dustin
(May 28, 2001)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a great book. It had my attention at the very beginning and I couldn't put the book down and stop reading it. I would say my favorite character would be Harry Potter. His life resembles mine in a way. This is a very good book and I recommend it to all.

Submitted by Kenny
(May 28, 2001)

Yes, Hello all young magic masters. I think the Harry Potters book are very good!! They are very well written to keep everyone interested from the range of people who can read. They help you use your imagination and venture into their wild adventures into Harry Potter's life. IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE OF THESE BOOKS PLEASE GET ONE! YOU WILL LIKE IT EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE TO READ!!!! 80)

Submitted by Celina Gil
(May 03, 2001)

HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE Book Review Harry Potter has become a great name. It is not another name; it represents a world of magic, dreams and incredible adventures. J.K. Rowling created a character that conveys many people's wishes, a simple boy who discovers a totally different way of living. Some people consider this singular character as someone amazing and incredible and some other people consider him just as another copycat of classic characters, such as Cinderella or Star Wars' Anakin. The truth is that Harry Potter has gained incredible popularity among American children. Not only can one easily find the book in bookstores and supermarkets, we can also find all kind of stuff with graphics of a boy with a lightening bolt in his forehead. There are videogames, movies, t-shirts, board and video games, cups, caps, school bags, etc. It is amazing what can be found in the web about this character, even an interview between Harry Potter and Britney Spears or interactive chess games. This first book ' Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ' is the first out of a series of seven books, from which it is the best selling one. It relates the adventures of Harry Potter in his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The story is totally based in the life of a skinny young orphan with humble expectations and a great heart. At the beginning, Harry Potter has a miserable life with his uncle Vernon, uncle Petunia and their son Dudley. He is mistreated, unloved and forced to live in a cupboard under the stairs of the house. Nonetheless, he notices that weird things happen around him; his hair grew amazingly fast (p.24, l.20); he could jump incredibly high (p.25, l.8)) or vanished things (p.28, l.23). Potter's life changes when he starts receiving mysterious letters he is not permitted to read (p.34, l.4). Finally, Hagrid ' Hogwarts' groundskeeper ' lets him know about his real past: he was born from a witch and a wizard (p.50, l. 9). Voldemort 'the lord of evil, had murdered his parents, but failed on killing him and that a mark in the shape of a lightening had been left in his forehead from this encounter (p.55, l.20). He also told him that he had been invited to study at one of the most famous schools for wizards, which was the message in the mysterious letters he received (p.51, l.10). Having known that he has been invited to study at Hogwarts, Harry leaves the Dursleys and makes his way to Platform 9 , where he meets new friends and new enemies (p.94, l.2). Once at school, he realizes that he is very famous in the wizard world (p.121, l.10; p.136, l. 19). He discovers that he is an innate wizard and starts developing his abilities in a whole new world, with a lot of incredible stuff to learn. With his new friends, Ron and Hermione, Harry goes through amazing adventures and risks; such as the first flying lesson incident (p.148, l.20), the encounter with a giant troll (p. 175, l.14), or discovering a three headed dog (p.160, l.26). They also see themselves involved into the mystery of the Sorcerer's stone 'a magic rock that can provide the elixir of life or turn any metal into gold. Harry and his friends discover that this object can also bring Voldemort back to his dark powers and consequently, cause a complete chaos. Characters in the story were all designed with creativity. Harry chose Ron and Hagrid for their sincerity and rejected Draco and his companions for their wickedness. Potter risks his life for his friends (p.175, l.6)) and is easily not teased by his enemies (p.148, l.10). Hermione ' Harry's best friend ' has a mythological name. Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts has a peculiar name that might relate to a dumb person, but he is actually a very outstanding wizard (p.123, l.12). The ghosts who live at school also have weird names: Nearly headless Nick, Bloody Baron and Peeves, the prefect is called Percy, and others. The settings of the story are varied, but they focus on the witchcraft school. First, Harry lives in Private drive with his relatives. He once went to the zoo with them and had an incident with a boa: he vanished the glass when he wished the snake's freedom. Then, he had to spend a terrible night at an old cabin during a storm when his aunt was trying to escape from the mysterious letter. Next, he visited Gringotts - the wizard bank ran by goblins- and goes shopping to Diagon Alley with the giant Hagrid. He finally arrives at his school where he finds that people in portraits move and speak, secret corridors, large chambers and an amazing dinning room. The school is located next to the forbidden forest and is divided into four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw (p114, l. 12). Each student is assigned to one by a enchanted sorting hat. Harry and his friends go on to Gryffindor (p.121, l.24) and his enemies are assigned to Slytherin (p.121, l.28), the same school where Voldemort ' who is usually called you-know-who studied. They all play Quidditch, the wizard game, which consists on flying on bewitched brooms and 4 balls, in which Harry turned out to be a great player when he won a game for his house (p.191, l.31). Classes at Hogwarts are something outstanding. Students receive complete flying training programs, besides of Defense against dark arts (p.198, l.14), Transfiguration (p.125, l.27), Herbology, History of Magic, Potions (p.136, l.7) and many others. Teachers work with special books and special material, such as telescopes, brooms, magical wands, and students spend their leisure time playing chess (p.199, l.16). Throughout the book, we can enjoy the introduction of innovative vocabulary, which set in the context of magic, turns our quite interesting. We have words such as muggles (non magic people), knuts, sickles (wizard money), Quidditch (the wizard game with snatches and brooms), Nimbus 2000 (the coolest broomstick); or places like Gringotts (the wizard bank, managed by goblins), the forbidden forest, or the previously mentioned four houses. We also have odd phrases such as 'send me an owl', which is the wizard mean of communication. The reader can easily identify him/herself with the main character because it is a normal, plain, and simple boy with low expectations, but with the judgment of an older person. He is also not perfect, he breaks some rules in order to achieve his goals, and he follows his instincts and shows amazement at new elements in the story, just as the reader does. He doesn't only have good friends, but he also has some enemies. He makes mistakes and disobeys his teachers once in a while. In a few words I can say that the story takes you out of this world. I would recommend the book or the movie not only for students, but also for those who are not. Not only for children, also for adults. Rowling makes real all those imaginary things most people dream of: mythical creatures, unicorns, cyclopes, magical wands, trolls, goblins, vampires, werewolves, bewitched broomsticks, spells, etc. This English author must have needed to create Harry Potter with something of her inner feelings, all those dreams we have even when we are adults. She presents a whole world of adventures, magic and outlandish fun, all involved in mystery, danger and risks.

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