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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Anonymous
(Dec 18, 2000)

i thoght the first book was great bu at first i really didn't think id ever finish it because it had like 308pg and a couple mouths ago a started it and stoped reading it because of all the stuff i had to do and mi mother asked me if i liked harry potter and i told her yes but i didn't finish the first book yet so when i got home i finished reading from 180-308 and finshed it because i got so hooked and i am hoping to get the 2nd book for christmas this year and try to read all yhe books you make countinue to make books J.K.Rolling.I LOVED IT!!!!!!

Submitted by jeremy w
(Dec 18, 2000)

my name is jeremy and at first i was not really in to harry potter and didn't see what all the fuse was about but when i started reading i did not want to stop reading it toke me less the a week because i was so much in it well i loved the first book and im getting the second on christmas.

Submitted by Utsav
(Dec 18, 2000)

The Dursleys are too cruel. Never knew someone could be so bad!! Hagrid takes Harry to Hogwarts. Harry is famous right from the beginning. He is an excellent Quidditch player. Snape does not like Harry and who could have thought that it was Quirrel instead of Snape who was helping Voldermort!! Harry defeats Voldermort to earn 60 points, Ron gets past Mcgonnal's chess set to earn 50 and Hermione gets 50 for using her brains. Neville ultimately earns 10 points to give Gryffindor the house cup after 7 years. Great story telling! Keep it up Rowling!

Submitted by Anonymous
(Dec 10, 2000)

I thought the book was really good.and i'm even reding again!!!! irelly like the part when Harry dived 50 feet catchin' Nevils renembrence ball.I thought Harry was going to die when he was fighting you-know-who 'Voldemort' i would have to tell everyone to read it.

Submitted by Katie
(Dec 08, 2000)

I just finished reading The Sorcerer's Stone for my Modern World Literature class. I am doing a book review on it and all I really want to do is encourage the rest of my class to read it too. I was really excited to read this book, but I thought with the expectation I had I might be let down. Well I wasn't. I read all the time. Every time I even got ten minutes I would see how much further I could get into the story. I have asked for the rest of the series for Christmas and am very excited to read the rest of Harry's adventures.

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