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First Riders' Call by Kristen Britain

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Submitted by Emilee Michaud 
(Jul 16, 2005)

First Rider's Call is a dynamic adventure. Kristen Britain weaves all manner of hidden clues and mystery into each chapter.The entire book is a guess and read to find out. From the very first chpater your interset is captured and locked away. I couldn't put either down even for a minute! The intricate world she has created is amazing and given the choice I would never stop reading them!

Submitted by Sally Hughes 
(Apr 02, 2005)

As I enjoyed The Green Rider I was looking forward to reading this book. I was disappointed that the availability in the UK was so limited and in fact I ended up getting it from the USA via Ebay! It was worth the effort I enjoyed this book even more than the first one. I thought the plot was more complex and the characters seem to be developing really well. I am looking forward to the next book although I hope it will be easier to get hold of. I have to say that it is really exciting to find a new author that I enjoy so much. Keep up the good work kristen ..write faster!!!

Submitted by Laura 
(Jan 05, 2005)

I thought that this book was an excellent sequel to the first. I recommend reading both. I am eagerly awaiting the third book, if that tells you anything about the second. I re-read the two that are already out all the time. An excellent read for anyone who enjoys fantasy and adventure....usually I get frustrated with fantasy authors because they make their characters have all sorts of "perfect" abilities. Karigan has her strengths and "abilities" but she reacts as someone in real life might expect her to. When she gets whacked upside the head she passes out or gets sick. When she discovers magic, she doesnt know what to think of it. (Instead of just accepting everything like it is an everyday sort of thing.) By this book (the second) extraordinary things seem to happen more often. The author makes the reader interested in each of her characters...I hope that there will be a whole ton of books written about Karigan and her adventures.

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