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Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by curtis 
(Mar 17, 2005)

I thought that this book was by far the worst in the series. Instead of the usual action there were long speeches about freedom and sticking up for yourself that we have already heard from Richard before and the parts of the book that werent speeches about freedom, you were being told what happend in the previous books. I hope in Chainfire Goodkind will remember that most of his readers will have read the previous books in the series and he wont feel the need to devote half the book telling us what happened.

Submitted by Nic 
(Jan 24, 2005)

This was hands down, the best in the series. I finished it five minutes ago, and I am already drooling over Chainfire. Terry Goodkind kicks ass. His style of writing makes you visualize every minute detail without him having to explain all of it. He also brings some old friends into Naked Empire. A must read for anyone who likes fantasy.
Thank You

Submitted by Michael Kaler 
(Jan 16, 2005)

Terry Goodkind in my own personal opnion is the greatest aruthor I have ever read. This book was not my favorite in the series, but by no means was not a wonderful book. His characters show real development from previous happenings in the series, exspecialy Richard Rahl. Who has gone from a woods guide, to the most powerful wizard born in over two thousand years, to becomeing the leader of an empire, and curently leading that empire aginst unbelieveable odds in hope of saving humanity's freedom. The book is not a strait forward fantasy, it was never intended to be. Terry is exspresing his views of the world through all of his characters as he has said he does many times. I enjoyed every minute I spent with this book, and half of that was on the edge of my seat in worry. As always well written, and a very stirring story. But must be read with understanding of not only the preceding books, but of Terry's unique writting style.

Submitted by matt 
(Apr 05, 2004)

After I finished "Naked Empire," I was at a loss for words and thoroughly disappointed at the cold and angry person Richard Rahl had become. The transformation that occurred to one so gentle and loving was as painful as a smack in the head with a blunt object. After re-reading the entire series I was able to identify with Richard. I realized that Goodkind had made Richard somewhat bitter and resentful because throughout the entire series he is being used to accomplish the goals of other people, while his own friends are dieing. This book should NOT be read as a stand alone novel, it should be read as a chapter in the series Sword of Truth. It is a continuance of a struggle of good over evil, where much like in the real world men are fighting each other over beliefs, in this case were one side is trying to show mankind have a right to live their own life, and the other believing all men are evil from the day they are conceived. In closing this book probably is a bit preachy, but then again, what isn't? :)

Submitted by Ken 
(Mar 08, 2004)

I really enjoyed the Sword of Truth series, up until this book. Approximately 75% of the book described what had happened in the last 7 books. There are several new charecters that needed to be informed about past events. They may not have known what had happened in the past, but I did, and I did not need to read about it again in a very long and drawn out fashion. It was a huge disappointment.

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