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Mountain of Black Glass by Tad Williams

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Submitted by Daniel Shi
(Apr 14, 2000)

Tad Williams never ceases to amaze me. You know, he always rights in HUGE BULKY sizes that put me off right away, but then after the first few pages, i'm in, and it literally hurts to put the book down.

Anyways, this book is REALLY good. You can kind of feel the threads coming together in this one, and everything isn't all that vague anymore. You kind of have an idea of wut is going on.

The worst thing I think Otherland the series has going for it, is the fact that THE MATRIX came out and kind of skewed my thinking when you have people living in VR. I can't help but wonder when sumeon is gonna bust out the super hyper moves, but thats ok, this book really plays with my head and keeps me guessing.

If you read the first two books, you really should read this book, and if you havent, by GOD DONT! There are way too many characters and plot twists to absorb right away, and the synopses at the beginning dont do justice to the previous volumes.

Otherland is a wonderful change of pace from Memory, Sorrow, Thorn, and is enjoyable if u have the time that is.

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