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City of Golden Shadow by Tad Williams

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Submitted by Dennis Miller
(Apr 05, 1999)

I liked these books... the narrative gripped me from the first
page and I could not put it down.


Why do I keep finding reference to this series in fantasy listings?
Tad Williams wrote an absolutely brilliant series called "Memory, Sorrow
and Thorn", as far as I know this is the only fantasy series he has writen,
I may be wrong (let me know if I am), Otherland is Not fantasst, it is
Science Fiction.

Okay... having said that. I have at this time only read the first
book, and I am captivated by the idea of poeple trapped and living in a
virtual reality. The narrative is excellent, the first book really
just sets the scene for the following books and I look forward to reading
them (I am waiting delivery of the second book "River of Blue Fire"

In summary... yes a fine set tome, but the true die hard fantasy fan
may feel cheated. We must have a clear dividing line between Fantasy
and SF. Some poeple like to read both, some only one genre or the

Submitted by Carl Larsson
(Mar 18, 1999)

Otherland 1 is the first of Tad Williams books and it's goood,
very goood. I like that type of books and they make me fell them like a
movie, and I only like books like Otherland 1. I have not read all the
book yet but send me an email, I am a BIG fan of him......

Submitted by DR
(Jun 18, 1998)

Definitely one of the most fascinating books I have ever read.
Tad Williams here takes us to a future where Virtual Reality is "Real",
he has created a plot that spins in both the real an VR world. He has not
only managed to keep it at a realistic level, but even at the same time
managed to include many aspects of the fantasy genre.

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