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River of Blue Fire by Tad Williams

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Submitted by Anonymous
(May 11, 2000)

Tad williams Otherland series is a breathtakingly detailed and fully realized world. I could not wait to turn the pages and find out what happened next. With Memory Sorrow amd Thorn Otherland brings williams' work into the pantheon of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Titans.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Nov 12, 1998)

In the second volume of Tad Williams Otherland series, most of the story is set in the VR world of the Otherland network. We follow the main characters in their struggle for information about the creators of the network and the lost children. A great story that takes us through numerous VR worlds, and Tad Williams is definitely doing a great job describing all the strange and fascinating worlds we are led through.

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