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Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman

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Submitted by Gina 
(Dec 12, 2002)

I think that was one of the best books I have ever read! It captured my imagination so easily and brought me into a completely different world alltogether. It was like you were reliving Lyra's life through his words and that Lyra was a real person with her own real problems. It was like it showed you a whole new world that you have never seen of heard about before. The descriptive details showed such compasion to that one little girl and her adventure that is captivated your mind and imagination and brought you into an amazing adventure of your own.

Submitted by Zoe 
(Dec 12, 2002)

This book is amazing. The characters and settings are so detailed you can picture them perfectly, and relate to them. It's the kind of book where you get caught up in another world. I don't usually rate books especially high, but this one is so wonderfully well written I have to say it is the best I've ever read.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jun 14, 2002)

The Golden Compass was a terrific book - it isn't long and dreary and full of characters with long names you can't remember. It isn't all about dragons, knights, magic, fairies, swords, castles, or any 'typical' fantasy books. (Don't get me wrong - I love fantasy when its well written, but this book ranks in my top five favorite books) READ THIS ONE!

~A devoted book reader~

Submitted by Karsten Rohweder 
(Jun 14, 2002)

Pullmann creates a unique world with much atmoshpere and fascinating characters - especially Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon add much life and freshness to the story. More rather interesting characters enter the scene in the book's progression. (I felt strongly reminded of the grandiose "Final Fantasy" video game series at this point.)

Then why do I give the book such a mediocre rating, you ask? Well - because after the highly promising start, the book slowly sinks into mediocrity.
The world description and buildup start to lose detail and believability. The author progresses his story rather hastily, sacrificing atmosphere, and whenever action enters the plot, Pullman's style of writing somehow loses detail and accurateness - just when it's needed most. In situations where authors like Jordan or Williams go into "slow-motion-mode", Pullman just "fast-forwards" through; I found that highly irritating.
A few logical flaws disturb the reading experience.
Finally, I found the ending twist of this book's story very disappointing, and to a degree unbelievable.

I have read only the first book of the series, and I don't think I will buy the two books that remain.

Submitted by Angela P 
(May 15, 2002)

WOW!!! This was the best book I have ever read by far. The details were so fantastic. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a good imagination. I did not like the Harry Potter books and I think they are bad. If you like the Harry Potter books you will probably like this more. My friend likes the HP books and enjoyed these to. Lyra and her life are probably what make the book so interesting. I think that the book has such great imagery and that it should be read in schools across the country!!„ahoo! If you dont like to read like myself this is the best book to start with. I would recomend that readers be between 13 and 99. It could definitely be a best selling series!! Enjoy
PS Thanks Laura!!!

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