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Towers of Sunset by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

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Submitted by Colby
(Feb 12, 2001)

I want to say that although people have been discouraged by the other reviews, i think it was pretty good. It was more of a love story towards the end, but otherwise i thought it was good if you could get past the confusing beginning!

Submitted by IMRavnos
(Oct 20, 2000)

This book in my opinion is one of the best of the series/saga.  However I must interject that if you read the series in order by which they were published you may not truly apreciate this particular book for a few books or so.  I HIGHLY suggest that anyone who intends on possibly reading this series or book do one of two things.  Either ignore when the books came out and read from the Present ( The magic of recluse and its True sequel The Death of Chaos) to the past - Fall of angels and Chaos balance. or Do as I did and read The magic of recluse and its True sequel The Death of Chaos followed by the the earliest chronologically to the present.

I know this sounds aweful but it has helped me to cope with what could have been a confusing series and book enough to see the gold amongst the rock so to speak?

Hmm too cryptic I beleive =(

Anyways scale of 1 to 10 The Towers of Sunset gets a 6 as a stand alone and a 7.5 if taken as part of a larger sum.

Submitted by Jennifer
(Aug 22, 2000)

I must say, this book was extremly dissapointing. I enjoyed the first book- it was great.  I went out to get the sequal (I knew it didn't deal with the first characters) and began reading it- IT WAS AWFUL.  I couldn't get past the beginning- you don't know what's happening and why you should care.  I would definately reccomend the first book, The Magic of Recluse, but I would also reccommend skipping the second book- you don't need the information.

Submitted by Steve Baer
(Apr 10, 2000)

When I finished reading MAGIC OD RECLUSE I was like, "What happend to Lerris?!" But I got over it when I started reading this one. My first take, I admit I was dissapointed because it jumped right into a brand new world with names and places I didn't know where to put them in the story. But it dawns on you later, and the story is great.
One thing that always happens in these books, which is why I read them, is that of traveling, and communication. The main character has to go somewhere and is always getting into trouble or stopping the problem along the way, with his magic.
I have kinda rambled, so I'll end with a comment dear to my heart... "You rule man!"

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