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Death of Chaos by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

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Submitted by Albert Lum
(May 11, 2000)

After defeating Antonin and Sephya, Lerris, a young Order Master, settles down and becomes a wood crafter in Kyphros with his consort Krystal, the Kyphrian army subcommander.  His life quickly becomes unsettled again when Kyphros's neighbors go to war with each other.  The turmoil and conflict of the continent, however, are more than they seem, because the Emporer of Hamor is the cause of the problems.
Through the story, Modesitt introduces Lerris's parents, the Brotherhood of Recluce, and many more characters.  The story was fun until the ending which was pretty overdramatic and depressing.  I didn't like how Modesitt left Lerris and Tamra as he did in the end.
But the story was good and complex, and should be an enjoyable read.

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