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Twins by Caroline Cooney

(39 ratings)

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Submitted by Keith 
(Jan 19, 2003)

It's about a set of twins who are seperated, and one of them is furious while the other one is happy until one day something happens and things turn bad and the end is the best...

Submitted by Chuties 
(Oct 31, 2002)

This is a book about a twins who live together for 17 years and they got separate. Mary Lee and Madrigal has to go to different school. Until something happen and things got mixed up. Things change from bad to worse. Find out the end yourself! It's a really good book. A rich and fun book.

Submitted by Patrise 
(Sep 30, 2002)

The book was okay. At the begining it was really interesting and it kept you wanting to read it, but after a while it got dull and boring. The secret that the other twins has is kind-a-wacked and stupid. She should have went more in depth about Mardrigal's bad side. I really did not like the book I would never buy it. If you were going to read it I suggest you get it from a library and not a bookstore.

Submitted by Rita 
(Aug 16, 2002)

I loved the book was soo interesting and it's one of those books that you can't put down...and when you're eager to pick it back up. I really love the way Caroline B. Cooney writes books...she makes you want more and she keeps the story alive..and all of her books are great..especially Twins...I appreciate her wonderful work.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Feb 19, 2001)

I really enjoyed this book. It's about twin sisters. One sister adores her twin because she is popular, smart, and sexy. Then something happens and she finds out the truth about her sister. She is surprised and scared.

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