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Tricksters Queen by Tamora Pierce

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Submitted by Jacob 
(Apr 14, 2005)

Tricksters Queen is one of the best books there are. I loved the detail and suspense. Aly is an amazing character who follows in the cool headedness of her parents. I was just dreaming of how Aly's "Pack" would react when she told them that she was the daughter of Tortall's Champion. I loved the remarks of Nawat and the darking. They made such hilarious comments because of their misunderstanding of humans and their activities. This book receives an 11 out of 10 from me!!!

Submitted by Emma 
(Dec 14, 2004)

I have just spent the last day and a half reading the Trickster's Queen. This book is yet another fantastic success from one of my favourite authors. The way the story continues with the offspring of heroes from previous series is a, I believe, a great idea. We see the heroes mature and grow older but never less heroic and their children grow up to continue on with the great deeds performed by their parents.
Alianne, a strong, determined and also stubborn character takes after her mother in nature but in business its her father’s ability for espionage she inherits.
Set in the Copper isles in the time when the ancient kyprioth prophecy is to be fulfilled, the raka are rising against their Luarin master and they have the queen they waited so long for, it takes all of Aly's skill to keep her wager with the trickster god alive. It is throughout this battle, that Aly also fights personnel problems of her own. The strain of keeping her identity hidden from those she has grown to respect and love and her relationship difficulties with the crow man, Nawat, who is also suffering an identity crisis, are problems that are experience in real life adding to the humanity of the character. The conclusion to this prophecy is not as was first expected, and the dangers and loss associated with the fulfillment comes at a high price.
A stunning sequel to the trickster's choice, that once again tells the story of an amazing heroin finding a place in life to suit herself in order for her to live (I know it’s a cliché but) happily ever after.

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