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The High Lord by Trudi Canavan

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Submitted by Maya 
(Jan 11, 2006)

In this, the final book in her first trilogy, Trudi Canavan really moves everything up a gear. After the relatively slow pace and development in the first two books, The High Lord neatly brings threads together for an exciting read. Although I was generally satisfied (and saddened!) by the end to the series, there were some problems with it. The relationship between Sonea and Akkarin could have been brought in earlier. Canavan incorporates an in-depth subplot but ultimately it does not bring much to the main story. In addition, I felt that Sonea's roots in the slums could have been explored in more depth - she settled into Guild life a little too easily. I would recommend this book (well, the trilogy) to people wanting fantasy that does not involve grand quests and gods, but instead magic and intrigue.

Submitted by Jenufa 
(Sep 03, 2005)

In this, the last of the Black Magician Trilogy, Sonea is forced to work with her guardian Akkarin and turn to Black Magic in order to protect the Guild of Magicians. Well constructed fantasy novel in which the different story threads are finally woven together to reach a startling climax. I felt that the ending although excellent was a bit long drawn out and some of the magical concepts were mentioned then ignored i.e. storing power in the stones. One peripheral character appears to be very important but then does nothing so not sure why they were brought in to the plot (unless they are going to feature in a spin off series?). However this did not spoil my enjoyment of the book. This book really keeps you guessing and I would recommend it highly.

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