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Skellig by David Almond

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Submitted by Amy
(May 07, 2001)

I found this book captive in a way that once I had read a line I had to read another and once I had read a page I had to read another. I would advice any one to read it as it would cage their mind into a world of dreams!! Mina and Michael show you how you can love and respect some one as long as they love and respect you, no matter who they are.

Submitted by Kate
(Apr 06, 2001)

I thought this was an incredibly moving book, but it wasn't really sad. The descriptions of Skellig are really REALLY realistic! all the characters are so true to life! its really good! and so's kits wilderness...need to get heaven eyes though...

Submitted by Anonymous
(Apr 06, 2001)

I thought the book was really good its about a boy called Michael and his family who move into this house and Michael goes into the garage and he sees Skellig and with his new friend mina they save Skellig

Submitted by
(Mar 20, 2001)

I have just read this at school and that is probably why I'm not sure about it as we have to go over the same bits which almost make enjoying it unreadable! I like the way it is mysterious and how your own image builds up in your mind and I also enjoyed seeing how there were connections between the baby and Skellig. The bits that was not sure about was when it wasn't going anywhere and seemed to dwell on one thing for two long- It should have had a better rhythm. When reading in a group most people don't like to admit that they enjoyed a book as it would be seen as uncool but I want to express my opinion so that is what I have just done!

Submitted by Lila
(Mar 09, 2001)

I thought Skellig was a good book. I found it to be different from other books. It really kept me there.If you just sit and really think about what your reading you can get a pretty good picture of what's happening.I loved it I cant wait to read the next book.

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