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Skellig by David Almond

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Submitted by Amiga59
(Feb 19, 2001)

I really liked this book. It was amazing, and although it wasn't sad, I was crying by the end. This was so radiant! The description of Mina and her mother made me reflect. It really touched me. Out of 5 *'s I would give it 6!

Submitted by Ashley
(Feb 19, 2001)

This book is the best book I have ever read! It shows the love someone can have for something and not know what they are really dealing with. People these days don't think about others an a way to care who they are or not.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Feb 16, 2001)

I did not like this book at all it was confusing and strange. Usually I get a picture in my head when I read a book like Harry Potter but it was blank as I read Mr Almonds book Skellig it gave me a picture then as I read on I found it gave me another picture in my head

Submitted by Anonymous
(Dec 23, 2000)

This is a thrilling book, about a boy and a girl who find what turns out to be an angel in the boy's garage!Winner of the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Children's Book of the Year!

Submitted by Anonymous
(Dec 08, 2000)

I have just read this the book at school it is amazing and also exciting I enjoyed this a lot. This boy had just moved into a house soon he finds out about the garage and finds a creature in there and he soon makes a friend but something goes wrong the mom has a baby and something else had happened but you will have to find out about the other one so read Skelig it's brill!!!

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