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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

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Submitted by Harry Moores 
(Aug 30, 2002)

I found the book Enders Game a great read. It was an original piece of writing with a lot of depth.
The characters in the story were described in a way that you felt like you knew them. The story was packed with action and had a great story line.
Enders Game is about a young boy named Andrew Wiggin also known as Ender Wiggin who is trained up in military school to become a commander to protect the earth from bug like aliens called buggers. Ender is a special boy who the adults are expecting to lead their army. He is put to a number of life threatening tasks to make him become independent and strong. Ender being a third was abused and harassed by people and he was also punished because of being so good at what he did.He was called a third because he was the third child in his family. Although being a third Ender was very bright and he tock the abilities of both his aggressive brother Peter and his sister Valentine which made perfect to become a great commander.
The story gives the reader a good deal of action that makes you not want to put the book down. All in all I found that the book is a must read and it will draw you into reading more science fiction books in the future.

Submitted by Finn Parker (the pill) 
(Aug 30, 2002)

A young genius of six is brought up in a world making ready for war. He is manipulated, trained and forced to become a teenage military miracle. He is hardened and the odds stacked against him his whole life, training him for mankind's final stand against the ruthless bug-like creatures known as buggers. Taken from his parents and ruthless brother and loving sister who's two opposites have made him the perfect weapon.

The games he is trained in are more than games and his friends and teachers much more than they seem.

These complex characters are so real and can easily be pictured, both in appearance and personality. Their deepest feelings and secrets are shown to you. The reality and likeliness to our own world is so real and yet so different. In a world controlled like an army, men and women who are preparing to face the worst put morals and ethics after survival.

Enders Game traps you within a world of its own, filled with non-stop action and excitement. As the characters struggle to hold their world and others together you watch as if you were part of it all. Sometimes shocked by the truth and others blinded by lies and deceit. Sometimes solutions are seen to you and the characters unaware of their simplicity as other plans are shockingly revealed to you.

Enders Game is a thrilling read for most ages and leaves you begging for more with the story suddenly cut short.

Submitted by Munted 
(Aug 30, 2002)

Wow, that rating really sums up the book well! Although I am a sci-fi fan this book isn't up to scratch with even the worst books I've read, 'enders Game' is like a bungy jump constantly going from boredom to cheesy and action and it was usually very slow, such as an event happening then several pages later been fully explained, forcing the reader to re-jog their memory, not a good sci-fi form.

"Enders Game" is not good for the sci-fi genre, I thought it would probably be better as another genre, as I usually see sci-fi as high-tech non-stop awesome action, BUT THIS DIDN'T ACT UP. I agree Orson Scott Card is a good author but his book didnt appeal to me.
Basic ideas that could have been more exciting, focus of the story was wasted.

Submitted by Josh 
(Aug 30, 2002)

This book is probably the best science fiction book I have ever read. I think it would be suitable for ages 8 and over and very good for people who are into science fiction. If you aren't a fan of science fiction you still may enjoy this book.

At the start of the book we are introduced to a six-year-old boy named Andrew Wiggin also known as Ender. Since the book is set in the future there are many changes to society, as we know it for example it is standard procedure to have no more than two children and if any couple has a third child he is considered an outcast by society and despised. Because ender is a third he gets hassled a lot by kids at school and even more by his older brother peter who even threatens to kill him at one point. But his brother hates him more because he had his monitor two more years than him. A monitor is something the military use to see which kids will become commanders to fight for earth against the bugger invasion. His last test before he can leave school and go to battle school is to stand up for himself against another kid at school who he gives a fatal beating.

After a while of talking to colonel Graff he is shipped of to battle school with a bunch of other kids, because they are new at the school they are called launchies. At the start the other kids don't like him because colonel Graff said he was the best and better than everyone else. But he eventually makes some friends and things start to go well for Ender. The story really gets interesting when he is put into an army and his true talent is shown. He quickly gets to the top of the ranking and when he gets hi own army he wins every game even when the odds are stacked against him like fighting to teams at once or the other team having a head start. This is when Ender is pushed to his physical and mental limits. Not long after he gets his own army and has trained them well he gets a notice saying he has graduated from battle school at the age of nine and goes to commander school.

Here we find out his new teacher is Maser Rackham the former hero who saved earth from the previous invasion. Mazer Rackham has a strange way of getting Ender ready for the bugger invasion but it seems to work.

Although I thought the ending was a bit cheesy it was a very good book.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Aug 30, 2002)

Enders Game is a science fiction book where genetically engineered children are created in order to save the world from attacks from the bug like alien creatures called the 'buggers'.

Families are permitted to have only two children, but the Wiggin family have had two very close to perfect children, Peter and Valentine. Peter was not accepted into battle school as he was much too violent and Valentine was to kind and had no killer instinct. In an attempt to mix the two personalities the Wiggin family were allowed to have a third child.

Since Ender was born he has been monitored by the IF (International Fleet), so they could watch every move he made and to see if he was the one they wanted to train to save the world. When he was six he was accepted into battle school and his training began. He was given his own army to train and had simulated practices of battle to get his skills up to scratch. He learns to fight in war and also how to defend himself. Ender eventually defeats the buggers and saves the world.

'Enders Game' by Orson Scott card was an enjoyable book and was also very interesting. Sometimes it was repetitive and quite unreal but over all it was interesting and a good story.

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