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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

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Submitted by Anonymous
(May 15, 2001)

It is incredible that this book has received such praise ! It has a very simplistic plot (holywood-style, the nice bright but persecuted guy against the whole universe), ridiculously stereotyped characters. I had to make serious effort to finish my reading, feeling almost guilty to be bored when so many people give it a 5-stars score ! Am I missing something ???

Submitted by
(May 15, 2001)

I first read this book in Grade 8, six years ago. Ender's Game is the book I attribute my love of reading with, that continues now and has helped me through many school assignments and bus stops. The character development is spot on, the storyline fast and involving. Ender's Game is the best book of the series, with Ender's Shadow coming in a close second. This review is a bit scatter brained so I'll try to sum it up quickly. This book is amazing and even today, 6 years after reading it the first time, I can still pick up the book with anticipation.

Submitted by Mark
(May 07, 2001)

I think Ender's Game is the greatest book of all time. It is because it is not typical scifi. There is incredible depth to every character and great mystery behind them To say if was like comic book with Ender winning all the time is completely false. Unlike in a typical story every victory for Ender is complete failure because it makes him hate himself even more. Breaking down enemies was hurting him deeply which is rare in stories. Ender Could do no wrong??? He destroyed an entire race. He hate himself for it. One of the main themes of this story was how Ender effected so many people in so many ways. He loved so many people, and they loved him in return. He won the trust of everyone, and everyone adored Ender. Accept Ender himself. Even to the End Ender was distraught with himself. This was an incredibly sad tale. Also Ender killed two people, and brutally injured others. The hero did do wrong. How many stories will u hear a 6 year old just beating another kid till he dies. And then in how many stories can the author develop the character so well that in the end you love him for it, and yet that character still hates himself? Maybe that is part of the reason why he is so loved.

Submitted by Pinakin
(May 03, 2001)

Well... I can safely say that I'm great reader... and have been reading s/f books from childhood. I like all types of books. And Ender's Game is one of the best I have read, he has sketched the characters so finely and accurately, if anybody told me that Ender Wiggins stays at this address I would almost believe it. This book directly touches reader's heart and one starts to care about the characters and gets involved with the story as the book proceeds towards the end. Its a must read for every one who likes to read no matter what. I have read it many times and still enjoy it.

Submitted by Alex_Linford
(May 03, 2001)

Ender's game is OK for what it is...a two dimensional comic bookesque story where the hero can do no wrong and everything is just a little too black and white. Actually, much like Asimov, the characters are cardboard cutout cliché?s, I read the novel and never once felt any empathy for this uber-child. Not to mention Peter, I'm sorry, but any child with the ability to trick the entire cultural elite via his online personage, would be a little more complicated and a lot more disturbed ( yes...more disturbed...peters cliché killing of rabbits in the woods and tormenting his sib's is just a little bit lame) were talking about border line autism at least. The book was so predictable... Ender is faced with insurmountable challenges and older more experienced children, Ender excels and not only defeats his rivals, but sets new battle school records every time. I was hoping Ender would fall on his face and break his little self righteous skull... unbelievable. It was just a comic wonder boy does good fanboy self stroking joke.

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