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Rise of the Wyrm Lord by Wayne Thomas Batson

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Submitted by Rushingwaters 
(Jun 24, 2010)

The Rise of the Wyrm lord by Wayne Thomas Batson is the second book in this intriguing trilogy. In this book Aidan and Antoinette are going to school like normal teenagers. Adian witnesses to the wayward girl, Antoinette and she believes him. Then, she starts hearing things. Is it Paragor or The One True King? This wonderful Christian fantasy is a wonderful sequel to The Door Within.

Submitted by Celebrilomiel 
(Apr 27, 2010)

Antoinette Reed has always been smart. She’s in honors everything at school, and she’s been a follower of King Eliam since she was seven. When she sees the artwork of new kid at school, Aidan Thomas, she realizes that he, also, knows about The Realm. They become friends, and when they recognize that she has been called to The Realm, Aidan asks her to look for the glimpse of his friend, Robby, who he fears is in league with Paragor.
When she enters The Realm, Antoinette plunges into adventures like she’s only dreamed of. Though she is named Twelfth Knight on a crucial, diplomatic mission to Yewland, she loses sight of the objective and deviates from her assignment, raising all the stakes. She goes after Kearn, Robby’s glimpse, attempting to turn him away from his glittering path of destruction and to King Eliam.
When Paragor releases the capstone of his plan, The Realm is plunged into a fierce battle for survival.

In this, his second book, Mr. Batson’s writing style has matured and the entire flow of the writing is of a higher caliber than its prequel. Throughout the whole book, the action and suspense only intensifies. Be forewarned – the book ends at a monstrous cliffhanger. Be sure to have the sequel, The Final Storm, on hand when you finish!

Submitted by Huntrielle  
(Apr 13, 2010)

Antoinette, after believing that Alleble exists all her life meets Aidan who knows how to get there. Finding out that she is needed there she goes on the adventure to put a stop to the rising of the Wyrm Lord. Will Paragor succeed? Can Antoinette stop him in the swirling of shadows and setbacks, or will she herself turn to the evil side?

Submitted by Melissa Rose 
(Mar 12, 2010)

The Rise of the Wyrm Lord is a very good story with enjoyable new characters and delightful new settings in addition to several that were already introduced in the first book of this trilogy. Another thing I enjoyed about this book was the addition of more fantastical creatures, and not all of them are quite as friendly as those in The Door Within.

The characters in this book face challenges that make you think about things in you encounter your own life. Because of this I think that anyone can take something away from reading this book.

I have no doubt that anyone who enjoyed The Door Within will also enjoy The Rise of the Wyrm Lord and recommend it to any fantasy-lover.

Submitted by The Allebian Knight 
(Jan 22, 2010)

This is the second book of a wondrous, thrilling, and page-turning series by Wayne Thomas Batson. In this, Antoinette Reed, a friend of Aidan Thomas, is called to Alleble by king Eliam the Everlasting. Once she arrives, she discovers that she must pass three tests to become a swordmaiden of the realm. She passes all three, and is dubbed Swordmaiden of Alleble. She also receives Gwenne’s old sword, Daughter of Light. Finally, Antoinette and a party of eleven others depart to Yewland, because messages from the queen show that Paragor is up to his trickery again, and is deceiving the Yewlanders. But will they even arrive to Yewland arrive? Passing Paragor’s forces and through the Blackwood, a dark and forbidding forest, will be no easy task. And even if they arrive, what next? Will Antoinette and her friends have the ability to stop Morgui from waking the Seven Sleepers and the Wyrm Lord before it is too late? Because if they fail, the fate of Alleble may change for the worse.

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