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The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson

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Submitted by ~Prism~ 
(Apr 29, 2010)

I must say that I love the way that everything culminates in the final book. Heroes use what they have learned, characters that we have not seen in a long time show up, and the puzzle becomes clear. This book also shows, which is my favorite thing about it, that death is not the end for Christians.
However, I felt bogged down a lot by conversations that seemed to slow the plot down. Some elements of the story came almost too fast in places, and the reader suddenly learns a very important fact about Antoinette in a sudden comment she makes. It seems to me that the fact should have been presented in a more attention-getting way, because a reader could very well be confused or miss the new revelation entirely.
All in all, I recommend this book to readers age nine and up. Fantasy and adventure fans alike will highly enjoy this epic fantasy. As an avid fan of Mr. Batson's work, I can tell you, it only gets better from here!

Submitted by Celebrilomiel 
(Apr 27, 2010)

Picking up right where its prequel, The Rise of the Wyrm Lord, left off, The Final Storm plunges headfirst into hair-raising action.
Ancient prophecy collides with lies as treachery and deceit poison minds and grapple with faith.
Battle looms on the horizon – a dreadful and final war. Paragor amasses his forces, including the Wyrm Lord and the Seven Sleepers, and undercover of the mysterious Black Breath, they march on Alleble.
Old and new friends unite to clash against Paragor and the Wyrm Lord, but the fate of all hinges upon the Three Witnesses of ancient prophecy.
In a stunning, climatic finale to a wonderful trilogy, Mr. Batson outdoes himself. My only complaint is that it all went by too quickly. One part that I especially like is the names and meanings of the Seven Swords.
Intense action alleviated throughout with humor, bound with through-provoking allegory, and filled with memorable characters – The Final Storm is an amazing book that you will never regret reading.

Submitted by Melissa Rose 
(Apr 14, 2010)

This is a beautiful conclusion to a great series--not to be missed if you've read the first two books.

The multiple story lines revolving around the main characters are all interesting and intertwined together well. Also, the characters in this book face even higher stakes than before, adding to the action-packed and suspense-filled style present in all of Batson's books. My criticism is that this book is not as memorable for me as the other two and I think the reason is that this story line isn't distinct enough from that of The Rise of the Wyrm Lord so the events of the two books tend to run together more than they do with the first book.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Apr 14, 2010)

The Final Storm is the final book in the Door Within trilogy written by Christian author Wayne Thomas Batson. The setting of book 3 is again, The Realm, but it also has Aidan back in Maryland with Robby, who he finds out is the Glimpse of Paragor’s second-in-command! The theme, as with the other three books, is redemption. It also tells us that we can come to Christ at a late age, like Robby did.
The plot of this book is not at all similar to the first two books. In this book, Antoinette is still in The Realm, searching for Robby's Glimpse so she can lead him to King Alleble. While Antoinette is in The Realm, Aidan is over at Robby's house, showing him the scrolls he found back in book one. They meet outside that night after Robby's dad, whose Glimpse is Paragor himself, bans Aidan from their house. Just then, Aidan is called to the Realm, where he joins forces with Antoinette. They return to Alleble just in time for the big war against Paragor, which in a sense represents the Battle of Armageddon. Robby has now been transformed, and he, Antoinette, and Aidan are brought before Paragor and killed in cold blood. But that only gives reason for King Eliam to return. The following battle is the battle where King Eliam destroys Paragor and sends the army into what represents the lake of fire. Eliam has won, just like Jesus will win, and all those who died and believed go to the Sacred Realm Beyond toe Sun.

The characterization is, just like always, magnificent. All the characters from the 1st two books, Aidan, Antoinette, Aelic, Gwenne, Robby, are incorporated into this one for a spectacular climax.

This series was a wonderful, uplifting series for me to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a series I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in good, Christian literature, as well as any other book written by Wayne Thomas Batson.

Submitted by Huntrielle  
(Apr 13, 2010)

Beasts of untold grief known as the seven sleepers along with the Wyrm lord and Paragor are ready to attack Alleble. All hope is lost and time is running out. Alleble clings to legend that three witnesses can save them.
Darkness is spreading throughout the land. Victory is getting harder and harder to reach. Will the three witnesses come and save Alleble or do they even exist?

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