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The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson

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Submitted by Jett Green 
(Jan 15, 2010)

In this final installment of the Door Within trilogy, Aidan, Antoinette, and Robby must join together in the kingdom of Alleble to defeat Paragor, The Seven Sleepers, and the Wyrm Lord. But will they reach far enough into the past to find what is needed to win? Will they find the three Witnesses, before it is too late? This book is well written, with excellent plot, and draws the reader in almost immediately. Putting down the book was very difficult. A fun read, by Wayne Thomas Batson.

Submitted by Seth 
(Jan 10, 2010)

Now, at the end of the saga, Aiden, Antionette and Aidenís newly transformed friend, Robby must fight an evil that has been long withheld from the world by a prison under a fiery volcano. The Wyrm Lord. The original dragon. Whose flame is not stopped by any wall, any substance of the living world. Itís sheer size is terrible, and itís cunning, impossible to stop. Along with the Seven Sleepers, the Deceiver, Paragor himself, and an army of soldiers. This is the Final Storm.

Submitted by narnia365 
(Jan 09, 2010)

The Final Storm is the breath-taking conclusion of The Door Within Trilogy. Filled with tension, action, and excitement on every page, you donít want to miss this spectacular conclusion that you wonít be able to put down! And, what's great about this book, is it is a very satisfying ending for the series. The action doesn't die down. The characters are still as good as ever. And it is still engaging as the first two books.

Submitted by EaglesWings 
(Nov 26, 2009)

The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson is the final book in the Door Within trilogy. The Final Storm is about the charaters in books one and two( The Door Within,and The Rise of the Wyrm Lord). This book answers the most asked question... will Paragor win? This gripping novel by Wayne Thomas Batson will not dissapoint!

Submitted by Seth 
(Sep 29, 2009)

In The Final Storm Wayne Thomas Batson emerges you in a world that is like no other; in a war like no other; with spiritual depth like no other; the book is like no other. Aiden has been called back to the realm, Antoinette is still in the realm, and Robby is turned from evil to good. Paragor's armies now march to Alleble's gates to bring The Final Storm.

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