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Magician by Raymond E. Feist

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Submitted by Imogen Parsons
(Feb 12, 2001)

I have read the Magician Many times and like so many other reviewers it never bores me. The saying goes that 'books are like old friends' and I have to say that my best friends are those found in Feist's series of books. When ever I am in need of distraction or uplifting Feist delivers. Magician is my idea of a 'perfect' fantasy fiction story. Everything else I read pales in comparison. I look forward to sharing this treasure with my three children.

Submitted by Alex
(Sep 30, 2000)

Well,I want to say that Ray Feist is genious.I
read the "Magician' soon, and I love it.Feist
is original and interesting.His characters are
super-and Macros is my favourite.

Submitted by Michael Bowring
(Aug 01, 2000)

The Magician is the beginning of a long line of books that, though they can survive independantly, are linked together to make an evolving world and saga.

Pug and Tomas, two ordinary boys start who have ordinary lives, growing up in a small town.

Then life takes a sudden change, events arise that flip their world and way of thinking on its head, and set them on the path of a greater destiny.

All in all these books all but breath with the depth they contian.  Great characters, great storyline and realistic.

And most importantly: It shows that even legendary heros can have simple names.

Submitted by Gareth Compton
(Jul 26, 2000)

This is a superlative book. I read a lot, and this is one series that I pick up time and time again. I am alway captivated by the strength of the characters as described by Feist. the previous reviews give you an idea what type of characters you'll find in the book, but you will have no idea how convincing they are until you delve into its pages to see for yourself, an activity I highly recommend.
I'm actually beginning to read Magician again.
Although the stories told in Magician are completed, it is obvious that the "Story" continues - and it does, in the much darker (sorry) Darkness at Sethanon (3) and Silverthorn (2). The central fous shofts from character to character throughout the three books in this trilogy (the Riftwar) and so we see the activities upto, during and after the Riftwar from various different perspectives.
Now here's the kicker. If you're reading this, you must have seen at least one of the Star Wars films, right? Now, imagine that Lucasfilm brought out another trilogy, written by George lucas, telling the same story, but from the Empire's point of view. With the glories ofthe Empire, and the dastardly trecherousnous of the lowlife who dared to cause disorder? Well Feist has done just this with Janny Wurtz in  Daughter of the Empire, and the two novels that follow this, which encompass the same period of Midkemian / Tsurani history but from the opposite perspective. An extremely clever ploy, I have to say, and which shows just how an author can develop all sides to the story, if given the chance.
Read up about Raymond E. Feist. Then read Magician. and the others. You'll love it.

Submitted by AAA
(Jul 11, 2000)

THis is extremely cool book. From the minute you pick it up you are engulfed by Pug, a lovable magician's aapprentice, and his world. A must for anyone that loved The Lord of the Ring series. You start with Pug becoming an appretice then he's a squire for his ability with magic, you see him as a boy, as a magician, as a man, as a fighter.

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