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Magician by Raymond E. Feist

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Submitted by
(May 25, 2000)

Hmmmm. At first , I was a tad skeptical about reading yet another book that deals with elves, dwarves and the like. However I must say, this book surpasses any I have ever read. The story is a blend of fantasy and science-fiction like I have never seen before- and "blending" is the key word when describing this story. Feist has created a masterpiece that will truly keep you glued to the text right up to the very last chapter. This is one of the few books that can justify their length and depth of detail... a true world that you will not want to exit.

A description of the story itself will not prove interesting here. If I were to go into detail about the plot and weave a little synopsis here, it would not serve me , as reviewer or  you as potential reader. This is because on surface it will sound familiar to any fantasy fan. This is one book that has to be read to be believed. Yes- it has the usual epic war setting, the quest , the elves , men , dwarves , trolls etc. But the elves are lighter, the quest more urgent, the war more realistic. This is the book that seems to have set the blueprint for all other authors to follow, no matter when it was written. On the whole- a gem not to be missed.

Submitted by Stephen Bruce
(Oct 12, 1999)

This is a very good book. It is about an orphan named Pug who is apprenticed to a wizard named Kulgan. However, he cannot master the simplest spells, but he can use magic in a way no one before had ever thought possible. Meanwhile, a strange people from another world, called the Tsurani, are invading Midkemia, the name of this world. Pug, his friend Tomas, Kulgan, and the duke of the castle in which they had lived, along with many others, go to seek aid from the Prince of Krondor and the King in Rillanon. Overall, a very satisfying book, although I have yet to read second book in the Riftwar Saga, _Magician: Master_.

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