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Sword In the Storm by David Gemmell

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Submitted by Sam 
(Oct 14, 2006)

Ok I wrote this for a school this so it may be a little odd and a little oddly set out

The Sword in The Storm by David Gemmell is a Novel based in the early Scottish highland area and is based on a tribe of highlanders called the Rigante mainly one named Connavar as the story progresses we experience him growing from a baby the book starting on the night of his birth explaining how he got his name and his spirit name ‘Sword in the Storm’ right until he is a man and turns out to be High King of all the tribes.

Personal Response:
The Sword in The Storm has got to be the greatest novel I have ever had the pleasure of reading, it is extremely well put together and David Gemmell uses excellent descriptive skills through out the whole novel I also think that it flows very well and is a book that is extremely hard to put down the excitement in every page makes you begging to know what happens next especially at the ending this being book 1 in a 4 book series the ending making readers still hanging in suspense wanting to read the next book in the series.
The Book was written mostly from the views of the main Character Connavar and showed what he thought of most things and as the story progressed the reader got to see him change and become a better person and controlling the ‘bear’ inside of him as Gemmell calls it, being the man’s rage constantly following him.
Every moment in this book is described to a life like degree which made me be able to perfectly picture what is going on and understand every little thing though a few of the part of the story seemed rushed and paid little attention too over all the book was well done and a brilliant read

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Nov 03, 2005)

Sword in the storm is David Gemmell's take on ancient history. Focussing on a time very similar to Ancient Gaul/Briton (around 50 BC), the book describes the life of one Connavar of the Rigante tribe. Connavar dreams of life beyond the squabbling of tribes of the highlands.
The book is really well written, and does not play into that habit of most fantasy novels - too much description. It is very much character focused, and more or less follows Connavar through his life. A very well written book, Fantasy at its finest.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Dec 12, 2002)

I agree that this is a great book. Typical of his various books like the Drenai series but yet having its own originality. I think this is something that differentiates a good writer from a great one and I must say that David Gemmell is one of the greater, if not greatest, writer of fantasy books. My personal favourite of his books is Druss the Legend and I hope he can keep up with such wonderful storytelling.

Submitted by Angus Wightman 
(Oct 13, 2002)

Sword in the Storm is a book for those who love fantasy and the good 'ol hero standing against a stronger evil. The book starts with Varaconn journeying to the top of a mountain to look for any sign that will give him an idea of what to name his son. A storm brews up and fearing for his life Varaconn threw the magic sword given to him by his friend Ruathin to stop himself being struck by lightening.

Lightening strikes the sword and it shatters into a million pieces. Varaconn now has his sons soul name
Sword in the Storm Conn son of Var. Connavar.

This book grips you from the very beginning. I loved reading this book along with it's two sequels. David Gemmell is clearly the worlds premium heroic fantasy novelist, and one who should be recognised for his genius.

I for one felt privelged to have been able to read his books and benefit from there originality. Gemmell is an inspiration to me and his books will make you see just how good he is.

If you don't own any of his books or haven't read any of his books you should. Get them all, if you don't it would be criminal. He is my favourite authour and one who should be respected and admired.


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