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Submitted by TJ 
(Oct 21, 2006)

I was at the library one day when I was around 14 when I found a book called “On a Pale Horse” by Piers Anthony. I read the back dust cover and knew I had to read the book. That began my love for the author aforementioned. At that time I was a dark depressing sort of person and reading a book about death was awesome to me. I am now 39 years old and have passed my love for Piers writing on to my own three children.

At different times in my life, I have written to Piers. I have 3 letters from him framed that hang by my bookshelf. At one point I had 108 of his books. I still have several and am rebuilding my Piers Anthony Library. I also have his VHS taped interview entitled “Interview with an Ogre”. I am a faithful reader of his bi monthly newsletter and even blog about the things he talks about.

All in all I find him a fun and inspiring writer. His writing style is so diverse that people who like many different genres should enjoy at least a fed of his books. I bought my mom a copy of Tathum Mound, his historical fiction. I found that one in particular very hard to put down. I haven’t read his marshal arts series, but have read everything else he has out.

Being a loyal reader for the past 25 years, I just felt I had to comment.

Submitted by kathryn 
(Apr 05, 2004)

Xanth/ The Incarnations of Immortality
I first read Piers Anthony when I was 11 years old, I am 15 and have read EVERY one of his books, they all have a new and exciting plot that thrills the imagination at every page. He is one of the best writers I have ever read.

Piers Anthony is one of those authors whose books have an effect that when you start a book then no matter what you CANNOT put that book down. That has happened to me for every single one of his books.

Personally I think that "The Incarnations of Immortality" and "Xanth" series are some of the best writing I have ever read, and i have read authors like Dorthey Dunnet and Anne McCaffrey, and still Piers Anthony has topped all of those books that are supposedly "better".

These books take you into a world that only Anthony could create and actually make it seem like it could be possible that this world exists. The places his books take you are literally out of this world.

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