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Submitted by CALEB WEYERS 
(Nov 08, 2006)

From the moment I first opened one of David Gemmel's novels, I was hooked. Never before has an author drawn me into a world that is so well created by using a unique mix of fantasy and a twisted reality. From now on my drug of choice is David Gemmel. It has come as quite a shock to me to hear that he has passed on. My best wishes go out to his family. I know that he is sitting somewhere with Druss, Waylander, John Shannow and Helikaon. Celebrate his life and carry on reading, he will always be a big part of my life.

Submitted by Van 
(Nov 11, 2005)

David Gemmell is my favorite author. His books are really easy to read. I sometimes tire when I read a book like Fellowship of The Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien, and though I enjoy immensely, I could do without the amount of description that authors like him and Tad Williams add to their stories. They build their worlds wonderfully, and I like their books, but Gemmell seems to do so much with less words. I feel like I know all about Druss from just a paragraph. I highly recommend him to fantasy story lovers.

Submitted by Skilgannon E.C 
(May 18, 2005)

I first read Lion of Macedon two years ago and it hooked me to the fantasy genre. Since then I have read almost all of his books and I have come to the conclusion that he is the best heroic fantasy writer of the age. Not because of his writing style, not because all of his idas are original, just because of his brillaint plots, action and his COOOL characters. He draws you into the book and you either like or hate the characters. Every one of his books has been a great read (and re-read) except for 'Echoes of the Great song' which I felt was a bit out of character and a let-down.

Submitted by Dave 
(Nov 10, 2004)

I first read a David Gemmell novel about four or five years ago. The book was "Waylander". I fell in love with it instantly. It was so different to almost anything else I had ever read. Gemmell did not try to over write the story. He kept it simple enough to be easily read and greatly enjoyed. His descriptions of places and characters are wonderful, giving you a clear picture of what he was saying and thinking. His story lines and plots are well put together, adding realism to a fantasy world. Also, unlike many writers today, he actually killed off some of the heroes, which not only added to the emotional and dramatic effect, but kept the realism in place. After all, people do die, even heroes. The latest books of his I have read are the books of "The Damned". They continue to be writen with the skill, prowess and obvious joy David brings to his work. I read his books at every oppotunity and will continue to do so until I die or he stops writing, which ever comes first.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 09, 2004)

Although David Gemmell is one of fantasy's most popular writers, in my opinion he is not one of the greatest. His books are not overly burdened with the sometimes extraordinarily complex philosophical debates often found in fantasy literature. Nor does he use good descriptive writing. His style is plain and spare, and I quite often chew through a new Gemmel book in less than a day. His characters are quite often very similar, particular in his Drenai saga as are the plots of his various novels.
However, in saying this, his work is quite good for a light read. The heroes are generally very likeable and by keeping his worlds and his characters simple, he makes it easy for almost anyone to read his books.
Overall, an average writer.

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