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Submitted by Arcadia Ryter 
(Oct 14, 2006)

Her characters are flawed to perfection, the story lines are quite interesting, and always we all love the (choose one) witches, demon-like characters, vampires, hot guys ^.^, and a herione that many can and will relate to.
Piecing together a history for all of the characters is no small feat. I love these books.

Submitted by Corey 
(Aug 26, 2005)

This is not the best book that I have ever read, but I love her books and this one was well writtin I was just not caught up into the story of this book. All her other books caught my eye and I loved them. This book just needs to get some more action into the book.
If there was some more action in the story and less detial in what was going on around them. I love that she stikes to the facts and gives great detail about what is going on around the charcters and makes it feel like you are there with the charters.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(May 25, 2005)

I did like all of her books. I love the strong personality in the characters. With that said; I feel that the main female characters are all the same, the male characters are completely stereotypical and too romanticized. The plots, aside from different situations, are all the same style, and the writing is very juvenile (although vividly detailed).
-I do read and like all Rhodes's books.

Submitted by Caity Cat 
(Mar 01, 2005)

I have noticed that when she writes her books she doesn't have only a few good ideas then goes to a really cheesy book, she's consistant in her details and she really makes the reader want to 1) continue reading the book and 2)read the next book in her series. It's weird brcause when I'm done with the book I get that weird feeling that there's more to the book that I don't have that I still want to continue reading. I'm just mad that I have no more books that I can read written by her. I hope she comes out with a few more books over the next few years.

Submitted by Riki Lee Miller 
(Feb 15, 2004)

Hawksong, Demon in my View, Midnight Predator, In the Forest of the Night, Shattered Mirror.
I started an RPG site and brought a Vampire into my RPG. I decided that before i went any further I would read up on them. I asked a friend of mine if she had any sites and she brought me the first five of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' books. I read them all within 2-3 days. I just couldnt put them down. I was repremanded numerous times from my teachers to "Put that book away" but i just couldnt. The Stories ended rather abruptly and left me in a rather bad mood but I was left dreaming about the books. Never has my imagination went throught the roof like this, well since Harry Potter. I would recommend these books to anyone. It inspired me to finish my novel I have been working on as well. I hope she decides to continue with her writing. I would like to know what happens with her characters like Jessica and Aubrey, Zane...etc.

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