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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jun 27, 2013)

I am on The Confessor, about a fourth of the way through, and I don\'t have a lot of bad to say about these books. I would recommend them to anyone. I read a review that they didn\'t like it because the characters weren\'t anywhere near human, but in my mind, they are much more so then most series I\'ve read and that is one of the biggest reason I\'ve so enjoyed this series. Many fantasy series shows the hero as someone that cannot be touched, someone above humanity, and although Richard often fits this description, there are many instances in the book that shows his flaws, bringing him back down to humanity. I do think at times he spends too much time with detail that doesn\'t play a big part. For example, I can\'t remember which book, but when the boy from the first area Jagang takes over steals Richard\'s sword from the keep and Cara chases him clear across the midlands to catch him, a great deal of time was spent on his character and he ended up cut and dead just like that. Overall though, I really have enjoyed the series and would recommend it to all.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Aug 04, 2010)

I actually read the entire Sword of Truth series because someone gave them to me as a gift, but I doubt they'll ever get a second reading from me. There were occasional bright spots in the series, but on the whole there was no real substance, all the characters either one-dimensional embodiments of good and evil or saved from evil by the grace of the always annoyingly good Richard, and it's clear that they're often there as nothing more than mouth-pieces for the author's moralizing. The first book was the best, the only one that was perhaps as much about actually telling a story as proselytizing, but from there it was all mostly down-hill until the very last page of the last book, where everything is neatly and hurriedly resolved by Richard being granted all the powers of a very omnipotent God. And to add insult to injury, many of the characters just as unbelievably choose to be whisked away to a world without spirits, where they and their children will live with perpetual hardship and have no chance of any kind of after-life, rather than go to the "other place" where they'd have it easier and know that their souls live on after death. This series, which was begun after Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series, and bears many similarities to it, is only a very pale imitation of it.

Submitted by Robert  
(Nov 26, 2009)

This is one of the best series' ever. It might be preachy, but it has a point. The preachiness is spreadinga good word. they are life lessons that all people need to live. The romance is amazing. The love between Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell simulates the love i have for my own woman. This is an awsome series. The war. The death. The drama. It truly is greatness in literature.

Submitted by Eagle Eye 
(Jan 03, 2008)

When I read Wizards first Rule way back in 1999 I thought WOW!! what a brilliant book. But as this series has gone on especially from faith of the fallen I cant help but think what a hypocritical so and so Goodkind is. He talks about nobility of the human spirit and so on but all he has done since book 5 is rip of his loyal fans by giving them lectures on sociology as well as lining his pockets with loads of cash, this series should have ended on book 6 but goodkind has dragged it on and on just to cash in on what began as a truly brilliant series of books the characters have become one dimensional and boring, not to mention the corny dialogue (especially nicci when she goes on richards side). Richard has become such a tyrant, because everybody else is wrong and he alone knows the truth (rather like GW Bush). This series could have gone down in history as a masterpiece but it will now go down as a huge disappointment to many of the fans, Goodkind should have stuck to storytelling like in the first five books instead of bombarding his readership with his personal beliefs of how people should lead their lives! Goodkind you did it all for the MONEY!!!

Submitted by RagnarokChick 
(Aug 31, 2005)

I've been reading his books since they came out and I love them. The story is solid and the charcters are interesting, unlike some other fantasy novels. He doesn't bore you with lengthy explanations, but he definetly isn't skimpy on detail either. I love the way you will be in the middle of a tense part in the novel when suddenly a character says something, or thinks of something funny, I love it. I definetly suggest reading this series, it's by far the most interesting fantasy series I have ever read.

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